The ratings are also very good! Masaharu Fukuyama & Yo Oizumi appeared at “Ebisu Garden Place in the early morning”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The ratings are also very good! Masaharu Fukuyama & Yo Oizumi appeared at “Ebisu Garden Place in the early morning”!

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The latest drama teaming up with his best friend, Yo Oizumi, “surpassed Kimutaku” in the first episode!
Big smiles even during the early morning shoot.

Oizumi gets his hair fixed while checking the scene to be filmed. Beside him was Fukuyama with a big smile on his face.

At 6:30 in the early morning of mid-April, over 50 female extras were gathered on a street near Yebisu Garden Place with location vehicles and equipment parked in a row. They appeared to be filming a scene in front of a store waiting for the store to open.

After a while, when the camera test for extras only began, two pickup trucks pulled up near the scene. Masaharu Fukuyama (54) and Hiroshi Oizumi (50) emerge from their respective cars. Fukuyama has played the lead role in “Group Leftover! (19), Fukuyama returned to the TBS Sunday theater for the first time in four years. Fukuyama’s entire body exudes a mature sexiness that blows away the early morning chill. The two actors greeted the staff with fresh expressions on their faces, and then began filming a tense investigation scene.

Fukuyama, who plays an FBI special agent who comes to Japan as an exchange student from the U.S., and Oizumi, who plays a lone detective who will stop at nothing to apprehend a criminal, become “invincible buddies” and solve a difficult case. Amidst all the attention on their first collaboration since the NHK historical drama “Ryomaden” broadcast in 2010, the first episode aired on April 23 got off to a good start with a 14.7% viewer rating.

Fukuyama and Oizumi are such good friends that they even go out for dinner together in private. The shooting is progressing in a good atmosphere on the set. The TV station and Oizumi themselves are very enthusiastic about the ratings battle between the top stars, which is probably the reason for the good start.

About an hour and a half after arriving on set, just before 9:00 a.m., Fukuyama and Oizumi put on their down coats and check the scene to be filmed when the “cut” signal is given. The normally cool Fukuyama seemed pleased with himself, as if he found Oizumi’s stories quite interesting as he was having his hair styled. The filming ended without further ado, and the two got back into the pickup truck and left the scene.

Despite being on location early in the morning, Fukuyama’s glowing skin was more impressive than the morning sun.

What is the secret of his beauty? “He always spares no effort to keep himself in the best condition. For “Ryomaden,” he kept about 100kg of dumbbells in his dressing room for muscle training and showed off his muscular six-pack. As a singer, he also takes good care of his health, for example, quitting smoking cigarettes to take care of his vocal cords. She is also very particular about her beauty, using only hot water to wash her body without soap or body wash, as well as high-end medicated lotions and toners. Her child will enter a difficult-to-enter private elementary school this April, and she seems to be gaining more and more momentum in both her public and private life,” said a source close to the TV station.

It is easy to see why she continues to shine even as she gets older.

Oizumi is seen in the scene where he is investigating a man holding a horse racing newspaper and Fukuyama walks behind him with a white cane and a smile.
Masaharu Fukuyama, 54 years old, with a big smile even in the early morning shooting.
Masaharu Fukuyama, 54, smiles all the way through an early-morning photo shoot.
Masaharu Fukuyama, 54, smiles all the way for an early-morning photo shoot.

From the May 12 and 19, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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