Hashimoto Kanna’s “date scene” with her dog, which was photographed by a magazine. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hashimoto Kanna’s “date scene” with her dog, which was photographed by a magazine.

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Hashimoto waits for a cab with her two dogs to return home after spending time at a cafe with friends and family in October 2021.

On October 24, Kanna Hashimoto (23) was reported in the web edition of “Josei Jishin” (women’s magazine) to have “stayed over with her dogs” with Daishi Nakagawa (24). According to the article, Hashimoto has two pet dogs, a Yorkshire terrier, a miniature schneizer, and a toy poodle mix, and she left one of them at Nakagawa’s house while she went out. Hashimoto’s doting affection for her dogs is well-known, and her trust in Nakagawa seems to be quite high.

In fact, just one year ago, Friday had witnessed several lovey-dovey “date” scenes between Hashimoto and her two dogs.

In late October 2009, Hashimoto was sitting on the terrace of a cafe in Meguro Ward. The reason why she was sitting on the terrace, despite the chilly weather, was because she had her two beloved dogs on her chest.

Hashimoto-san basically went everywhere with his two dogs on his days off. She always left them at home when she was working, so she didn’t want to be away from them even for a moment on her days off.

The cafe does not allow pets inside, but pets are allowed on the terrace. Hashimoto returned home after spending two hours having tea with a female friend who had a child with her.

Also in early November, after 7:00 p.m., Hashimoto appeared in Shinjuku-ku with a friend and her two pet dogs were also on her chest. While her friend purchased a large amount of drinking water at a convenience store, Hashimoto waited on the street, petting her dogs. He then went into an acquaintance’s apartment nearby. Even when visiting the acquaintance’s house, Hashimoto was with her dogs. Currently, Nakagawa also has two French bulldogs, so perhaps one day we will see the two of them walking around with their four beloved dogs.

Hashimoto coming out of a cafe after having tea with a friend.
Hashimoto just before getting into a cab
Her two dogs are used to this position and are very docile, perhaps comfortable in it.
Hashimoto waiting outside with his dogs for a friend shopping at a convenience store in November 2021.
  • Photo Sota Shima

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