40 Akita Dogs Gathered in Shibuya in Celebration of “Loyal Dog Hachiko” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

40 Akita Dogs Gathered in Shibuya in Celebration of “Loyal Dog Hachiko”

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“Too cute!”

“So fluffy!”

A parade of Akita dogs stretched about 1 km from the Shibuya City Hall, causing passersby to stop and admire the parade.

Akita dogs gathered in Shibuya

On December 2, about 40 Akita dogs from all over Japan gathered in Shibuya to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Shibuya’s landmark “Loyal Dog Hachiko”. A commemorative parade was held. Akita dog freaks from all over Japan gathered to catch a glimpse of the grand parade in the heart of Tokyo.


According to the Akita Inu Preservation Society of Odate City, which organized the event, this was the first time that Akita Inu from all over Japan gathered in one place for a parade. The event was also crowded with about 800 general visitors.

Former Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), 74, a native of Akita Prefecture, attended the opening ceremony as a surprise.


The number of Akita Inu registered in the world is steadily increasing and their popularity is spreading all over the world. It is a source of great pride for us Akita people and extremely important for Japan.

Former Prime Minister Kan with a relieved face in front of the Akita dogs

During the greeting, the dogs started barking. “They are scary (laugh), but they are cute.” He even took pictures with the visitors and the Akita dogs.

A woman in her 60s who was taking pictures of Akita Inu said, “It is rare to see such a breed of dog that has so many individual differences, shows various expressions, and is also so friendly. It is not easy to come into contact with Akita dogs in everyday life, so being able to see and touch them in person made me rediscover their charm,” 

Marching with participants through the streets of Shibuya

Participants from overseas were also noticeable. Jana Gasova, 26, who came to Japan from the Czech Republic for the event, said excitedly,

“Akita dogs are very popular in Europe, and I am a breeder myself, but the opportunity to see so many Akita dogs in the heart of Japan is rare. I really came to Shibuya just to attend this event (laughs). I was just so impressed by the beautiful and adorable dogs strolling the streets.”


Akita dogs are the only dogs in Japan designated as natural treasures. In recent years, the number of Akita dogs has been declining due to excessive popularity and aging breeders.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Takashi Endo (left) and former Prime Minister Kan take the stage.

The association, which aims to eliminate the killing of Akita dogs, will also focus on educational activities. Akita Inu Preservation Society Chairman Takashi Endo, 55, a member of the House of Representatives, said, “Hachiko is the symbol of the Akita dog. We wanted to let many people know how wonderful Akita Inu are and how they are recognized around the world in the place where they are associated with him. We were blessed with a greater turnout than we had imagined, and it was a day to feel the power of Akita Inu. We will continue our activities to preserve Akita Inu, so loved around the world, for future generations.”

For the town of Shibuya, this was truly a one scene that will go down in history.


The “fluffy” fur is cute!
The participants patted him on the head, and he was very happy.
Akita dogs show off their excellent “prone position”!
Some Akita dogs were probably tired of being around people, but they were also relaxed.
Yawning is also cute!
Staring curiously at the breeders
Staring curiously at the camera
He even sulked for a moment.

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