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Supermodel Karen Takizawa Announces Marriage

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In July 2020, Takizawa left the yakiniku restaurant, passed a cab waiting for Mr. O, and got into another cab with her phone in her ear.“From now on, the two of them and their three dogs will embark on even more fun adventures!”

On July 4, Karen Takizawa (30), a TV personality, announced her marriage on her Instagram along with photos of her three beloved dogs.

“I have just gotten married to a man who is currently working in the construction industry. Although I leave most of my memories to the day, I can still remember the season and the scenery when we met. It was someone who made my view of the world more colorful than usual.”


“Their relationship began around May of 2007 through an acquaintance. Takizawa’s marriage partner, Mr. O, is about five years younger than her. He used to work as a model and has appeared on the love reality show “Terrace House” (Fuji TV).”

“He has also worked as a carpenter, and his body is muscular. He is a dog lover like Takizawa-san. He has an open personality and gets along easily with Takizawa’s friends. They get along well with each other.”

In July 22020, “FRIDAY” caught the two on a date in Kagurazaka, Tokyo.

They took separate cabs

Muscular Mr. O (left). When he appeared on “Terrace,” he was called “the most macho handsome man” in the history of the show.

It was raining heavily in the quiet restaurant district of Kagurazaka. Shortly after 8:30 pm, Takizawa emerged from a cab wearing a cap and mask. Even in her full Corona-preparation style, her 170 cm tall body, long, slender legs, and super-small face caught people’s attention. She headed for a nearby building and took the elevator up to a yakiniku restaurant on the second floor. 

“She held a yakiniku party with company executives and others she knew. In addition to her good friends, she was accompanied by Mr. O, the man she is going to marry.” (Takizawa’s acquaintance).


After enjoying yakiniku with Mr. O and others, Takizawa reappeared about two hours later at 10:30 p.m. Mr. O got off the elevator first and got into a pick-up cab parked in front of the building. Shortly thereafter, Takizawa exited the building. The cab was waiting with its rear door open, but she looked up as if to warn the others of her surroundings and passed by it unnoticed, as if she had sensed something. With her phone to her ear, she stepped into another cab.

Although they were separate cabs, they were headed in the same direction. The destination was the same: Takizawa’s home, a luxury apartment in Tokyo.

“Karen had no intention of hiding the fact that they were dating, and she often came to dinners with her close friends together with Mr. O. Karen’s personality is exactly the same in private as on TV. She is a bit natural, but she has no hidden motives and is well-liked by everyone. When they were having a lot of fun and drinking, she said, ‘I’m thinking of getting married to O.'” (A former acquaintance)

As promised to his acquaintances, Takizawa has made her goal with Mr. O. Certainly, they will make a happy family together with their beloved dogs.

Takizawa gets out of a cab and heads home.
Mr. O entering Takizawa’s apartment.
Takizawa and Mr. O entered the apartment separately.
FRIDAY” also caught Takizawa and O on a date in December 2020.
  • Photo by Junsei Todoroki

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