Eiko Koike’s “starring drama starts” and her beautiful face shines through in these photos. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Eiko Koike’s “starring drama starts” and her beautiful face shines through in these photos.

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Koike gets into Sakata’s car looking relaxed. June ’06

Eiko Koike (42) starred in the drama “Comedy Inspired Drama: The Recommendation of a Rough Life” (NHK Sogo), which started on July 4.

The pilot version of the drama, which aired last July, was so popular that it was made into a regular series. Koike plays the role of the owner of a general store who uses the power of laughter to solve various problems that occur around him in this comedy.

Koike debuted as a gravure idol in 1998, but her reputation as an actress has been growing rapidly in recent years. She was particularly well received for her role as Hojo Masako in the NHK historical drama “Kamakuradono no 13-nin,” which aired last year.

She played the older sister of the main character, Hojo Yoshitoki (Oguri Shun), in an excellent performance that was sometimes humorous and at other times serious. She will probably have more opportunities to play leading roles in movies, TV dramas, and stage productions in the future.

Koike is shining as a celebrity and actress. FRIDAY” has been paying attention to her since immediately after her debut. We would like to introduce some of Koike’s charms, including her car date with her husband, Wataru Sakata, a professional wrestler, and a girls’ night out that showed off her bosom, using some of our treasured photos.

Reaching for her husband’s arm at a cafe: ……

It was June 2006 when I witnessed her prenuptial date with Sakata.

After an hour-long workout, they got into Sakata’s car, which was parked in a nearby underground parking lot. After about 15 minutes of driving, they went to a small café.

It was late afternoon, but Mr. Sakata was eating, as if he had not yet had lunch. Koike-san ordered a cold drink. She looked at Mr. Sakata lovingly and reached out her hand to his arm as if to say, ‘There’s something on it,'” said a customer who was there.

Koike, who loves martial arts, fell in love at first sight when she watched Sakata fight in May 2002, and after dating for about five years, they became goalkeepers in August 2007.

It was in August 2007 that I encountered a sexy girls’ night out.

Accompanied by her dog, Koike and a female acquaintance headed for a fashionable café in Daikanyama. As they sat down, Koike took off her jacket, revealing her sexy bosom, and the two engaged in girl talk over a cup of tea, even taking selfies on their phones.

She had appeared in two TV dramas at the time, and also played an important role in Koki Mitani’s film “I Don’t Remember! She also played an important role in Koki Mitani’s film, “I Don’t Remember! She must have been taking a break from her busy schedule,” said an employee at a commercial key station.

Koike’s expression seemed satisfied with the one-hour tea time, as if it was a good refresher for her. Koike will probably continue to spend busy but fulfilling days in the future.

She reaches for Sakata’s arm at a cafe she stops at. June ’06
The couple goes on a yakiniku date. October ’16
Date in Shimokitazawa in September ’02, shortly after they started dating.
Walking along Omotesando without worrying about being seen. June ’06
The two worked up a sweat at a gym. June ’06
April ’08. Watching her husband’s match, but frowning at the KO loss.
Their wedding reception at a hotel in Tokyo in July ’08.
Their wedding reception at a hotel in Tokyo in July ’08. With Mr. & Mrs. Makoto & Ms. Shin Yazawa
Their wedding reception at a hotel in Tokyo in July ’08.
August ’19. A girls’ night out in the bosom of the couple.
July ’19. A girls’ night out with a pale bosom
July ’19. Girls’ night out in Awara in the bosom
July ’19. Bust Awara na yoru no giryokai
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