Yuriko Ishida’s “Mysterious Personal Life” with Rumors of “Secret Relationships” Continuing! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuriko Ishida’s “Mysterious Personal Life” with Rumors of “Secret Relationships” Continuing!

Discover the filming location of a summer drama! No sign of her popularity and good looks even though she is over 50 years old!

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Ishida has finished filming and changed into his casual clothes. She is playing the role of the president of a job change agency in the new drama “The Demon King of Job Change.

Actress Yuriko Ishida (53) is walking briskly in Odaiba in the summer. Ishida was taking part in the filming of her new TV drama “The Demon King of Job Change” (Fuji Television Network) on the day of the event.

In this drama, Ishida plays the role of the aunt of the heroine, played by Fuka Koshiba (26), who is a good friend of the heroine. They get along well on set and were smiling and chatting during the waiting time.

Ishida’s beauty has not diminished even after turning 50, and she appears in several dramas and movies every year. In the drama “The Wandering Blade” (WOWOW) broadcast in 2009, she was selected to play the heroine.

Ishida’s popularity continues to grow, but his personal life is shrouded in mystery.

When Ishida was in his 20s, he was reportedly involved in affairs with actor Ken Ishiguro and TV personality Kenichi Okamoto. After that, there were rumors of a relationship with a big-name music producer, but no conclusive proof was ever found, and they remained just rumors” (Entertainment Reporter).

Although there have been occasional reports of a love affair, it has remained a mere rumor. This has been a plus for the actress.

She says, “Because her personal life is so mysterious, Ishida has never had any major scandals. That is why she is still able to engage in a wide range of activities even now that she is over 50 years old.

The career of the veteran actress, who keeps her private life private, is still on the upswing.

Unpublished photo: Ishida Yuriko’s “mysterious private life” where rumors of a “top-secret relationship” continue to circulate.
Unpublished photo: Yuriko Ishida’s mysterious private life, which is constantly rumored to be a “top-secret relationship.

From theAugust4, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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