Yuri Akimoto, Fuji’s Yuri Akimoto, who was reported to have divorced and remarried after her “Takebayashi affair,” is now a female announcer, and she is very determined to move to a new position. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuri Akimoto, Fuji’s Yuri Akimoto, who was reported to have divorced and remarried after her “Takebayashi affair,” is now a female announcer, and she is very determined to move to a new position.

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Yuri Akimoto, who was an “ace” female announcer with an outstanding smile when she was a female announcer, has remarried. ……

The April 25 issue of Women’s Seven reported that former Fuji Television announcer Yuri Akimoto had secretly remarried. She is married to a “good-looking old man” with romance gray hair and glasses, who is said to be a trading company employee more than one year older than her.

Akimoto joined Fuji Television in 2006. He was once reported to be romantically involved with Minoru Aoi, a former NHK announcer who is now a freelance announcer, but the relationship broke up.

Soon after, in 2012, Akimoto “got married” to Ryusei Ikuta, then in his second year at Fuji Television, after only six months of dating. Incidentally, Ryusei is the younger brother of former Johnny’s celebrity Toma Ikuta.

Akimoto’s speedy marriage did not only cause a stir.

Three years after the birth of Akimoto’s first daughter, there were reports of alleged infidelity and a separation. And two years later, in ’18, “Shukan Bunshun” reported an alleged W affair with a news program producer.

A one-box car parked in an unpopular bamboo grove was reported to be creaking, and it was suspected that they were having an affair inside.

Yuri Akimoto, who also showed her presence in news programs. She has a dignified expression on her face.

Three months after the “Takebayashi affair” was reported, Akimoto and Ikuta divorced. Although Anna Ikuta was the one who had been the victim of infidelity, Akimoto had custody of their eldest daughter. Her brother Toma was also said to be furious because he loved his niece so much.

Akimoto was interviewed as an employee of Fuji Television in “Joshi SPA” in February this year.’ It seems that she has been working in the department that serves as a contact point for content business with overseas TV stations and production companies since 1919.

The impetus for the interview came from within the company, when I was asked, “There is a department that handles business for overseas, are you interested?” I was asked if I was interested. It sounded interesting, and I was intrigued, so I requested a transfer myself.

I had been living abroad for some time and thought, “Someday I would like to work in a job where I can make use of my English,” and perhaps the new position suited me better.

I thought I wanted a job where I could make use of English someday,” he said.

She said that she simply gave up her position as a “female announcer,” which is a “super star” position, and “voluntarily requested a transfer” to her current position. In response to this, the following comments were made on SNS and other social networking sites

That’s not the “trigger,” is it?

Even after committing adultery, she voluntarily requested to be transferred to a different department, and she is a woman with a strong will to succeed in getting out in the open. In a way, I envy her mentality.

Some were harshly critical of her.

Naturally, in the interview, the story unfolded as if the “affair” had never happened at all. Although he has caused such a stir, he seems to be moving forward with his second career with an easygoing attitude.

I hope that this time he will have a peaceful and happy married life. ……

In the past, there have been reports of infidelity
Akimoto, who also looks good in pants
He was also active in interviewing politicians and businessmen. ……
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