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Juri Ueno & Kei Tanaka’ NG is a Treat!

FRIDAY Eyewitness News! Harikomi24 <Daikanyama, 13:35

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Ueno and Tanaka laughing hysterically as the cut was made. Every time Tanaka gave an NG, the surroundings were filled with laughter.

This magazine witnessed the location shooting of “Is it a Sustainable Love? “〜(TBS) on a sunny day last May. Kei Tanaka (37) was leaning against a bridge in Daikanyama (Shibuya Ward). The heroine, Juri Ueno (36), walked up from a distance and met him, and they exchanged dialogue there.

“The script was originally written with Erika Toda (33) as the heroine, but Toda abruptly dropped out. Ueno was a stand-in, so to speak, but her performance was so natural that you could not feel it at all, and she made the role her own. During the filming, she was very considerate of the extras who got wet in the rain, and the atmosphere on the set was very friendly,” said a source at the TV station.

On this day, when Tanaka apologized for the NG, Ueno and the staff laughed a lot. The shooting proceeded in a friendly atmosphere from start to finish.

From the June24 and July 1, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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