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Waseda University Presidential Election: The contents of the “suspicious documents” scattered

A Change in the Northwest of the Tokyo Metropolis: On June 16, two Academic Senate professors challenge incumbent Waseda University President Aiji Tanaka.

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Mr. Aiji Tanaka, the current president of the company. A graduate of Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics, he is also the son of “political fixer” Seigen Tanaka.

Aiji Tanaka, a graduate of Waseda University’s School of Political Science and Economics and the son of “political fixer” Seigen Tanaka, is the current president of Waseda University, a leading private university. The contents include the one-man attitude of the current president and allegations of academic dishonesty on the part of his close associates, which have aroused fierce resistance from anti-President factions,” said an official of Waseda University.

The election for the president of Waseda University is held once every four years. The election will be held on June 16. The three candidates who have put forward their names for the next president are the current president, Aiji Tanaka (71), Professor Shigeki Kanno (63), Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and Professor Tomoki Waragai (67) of the Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences.

At this point, the situation is said to be in favor of President Tanaka, who is seeking reelection. In fact, Tanaka was initially considered a ‘bubble candidate’ for the presidential election four years ago,” said Dr. Tomoki Waragai, 67, a professor at the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Science. However, just before the election, the leading candidate’s vote was split, and Mr. Tanaka pulled off a major upset by a narrow margin. Because of this, even now there are people within the university who are allergic to President Tanaka.

Amid such circumstances, this magazine obtained a “suspicious document” that has been circulating. The document has three subject headings: “O matters,” “S matters,” and “U matters” (all in the original documents under their real names). These are said to accuse Tanaka and his close associates of making allegations against him. One Waseda University faculty member explains.

The first is a story about a female secretary who claims to have been sexually harassed by a professor emeritus in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. The first is a story about a female secretary who claims to have been sexually harassed by a professor emeritus of the Faculty of Science and Technology. The university set up a compliance committee for the woman who complained, but this committee is described as not functioning because it is a ‘subcontracting body of the president.
The second is the accusation that a professor close to President Tanaka is suspected of academic misconduct. It states that this professor translated an English paper into Japanese without the co-author’s permission, and then published it in a book under his own name only. The third is that a female associate professor had a forced sexual relationship with a male student whom she was teaching. This, too, suggests that the victim student is complaining about the Compliance Committee’s investigation.”

In addition to the allegations contained in the dubious document, President Tanaka has long been criticized for being a one-man operation. Another Waseda University official said.

There was a power harassment scandal involving a former Waseda professor and executive director of the JOC, and the contents of the report of the internal investigation were leaked to the outside world. The director of the university was suspected of involvement in the leak and was punished. It is said that this punishment was largely at the behest of President Tanaka. It is certain that the atmosphere within the university is such that criticism of the president is not allowed.

We interviewed the Public Relations Division of Waseda University.

The Compliance Committee is a subcontracting body of the president, which is impossible under the university’s regulations. (As for the professor’s misrepresentation of his close associate’s thesis, he apologized to his co-author and the matter has been legally resolved. (Regarding the Academic Dean’s waiting at home,) I cannot give you an answer regarding individual cases.

In any case, it is clear that something unusual is happening in the “northwest of the capital.

Okuma Auditorium, the symbol of Waseda University. The president of the university is elected by a vote of confidence by students, followed by a decision election by faculty members and others.

From the June 24 and July 1, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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