Hong Kong Police Order Zhou Ting to Appear in Court after She Announces She is Seeking Asylum in Canada | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hong Kong Police Order Zhou Ting to Appear in Court after She Announces She is Seeking Asylum in Canada

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Mr. Shuwa interviewed from Toronto

I was forced to negotiate with the police when I left the country, and ’23 was a very difficult year for me, but all the while I was thinking, ‘How can I move toward freedom? For the past three years, I have had no freedom. Then I came across the anime “Shinkage no Kyojin,” and I found myself overlaying my own “shadow” on it. In the story, the main characters continue to fight to get out of the walls.

On December 14, the Hong Kong Police Department issued an order to Hong Kong democracy activist Agnes Chow (27), who had announced in an exclusive interview with FRIDAY (December 26, 2011) that she would not return to Hong Kong, to appear before them.

At a press conference on December 14, the National Security Division of the Hong Kong Police Force told Ms. Chou that she had not yet committed a crime,

If he does not turn himself in (to the Hong Kong police on time), he will become a fugitive from justice. If that happens, he will be a wanted fugitive.

He demanded that Zhou return to Hong Kong.

Zhou, known in Japan as the “Jeanne d’Arc of Hong Kong” and the “Goddess of Democracy” for her fluent Japanese on social networking services, was convicted of inciting an unauthorized assembly in Hong Kong three years ago and sentenced to prison. She was imprisoned for about seven months and released in June 2009.

In her first Instagram update in almost two years, she revealed that she left Hong Kong this September after receiving permission to study in Canada and is currently in Toronto, Canada. In addition,

 I originally planned to return to Hong Kong in December to go to the police, but after considering the situation in Hong Kong, my own personal safety, and my physical and mental health, I have decided not to return to Hong Kong. He will probably never return.

He posted. I had effectively declared asylum at ……. If Zhou returns to Hong Kong as requested, what fate awaits him?

That brings to mind Teresa Teng.

She is a singer from Taiwan, but after the “Tiananmen Square” incident, she began to cry for democracy in China. She soon came to the attention of the authorities, and eventually she could no longer live in Hong Kong, where she had been living, so she moved to Paris for her own safety.

However, even in Paris, there were always whispers of “assassination” by the Chinese government. The process of Teresa and Mr. Zhou up to this point is very similar, and I am very concerned about Mr. Zhou’s return to Hong Kong.

Teresa was originally a singer from Taiwan, but when she debuted in Japan in the early ’70s, she became very popular with many hit songs and became one of the top stars.

“In the early ’80s, she became so popular in mainland China, or the People’s Republic of China, that copied cassette tapes of her began to circulate. In 1983, a concert was held in Hong Kong to celebrate the 15th anniversary of her debut, attracting 100,000 people. She is unmistakably an Asian diva. But the Chinese Communist Party, fearing her influence, banned her songs from the airwaves,” said a record company employee.

Later, when the People’s Republic of China, which was pursuing a reform and open-door policy, effectively lifted the ban on Teresa’s songs, her popularity was rekindled, and offers for concerts from China began to come in. However,

Teresa also participated in a concert held in Hong Kong in support of the growing demands for democracy in China. Shortly after, the “Tiananmen Square Incident” occurred and the scheduled concert in mainland China was canceled. She also participated in a protest rally against the suppression of democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong.

She also sang in front of the people and appealed for the realization of democracy in the People’s Republic of China. She also interacted with exiled democracy activists and came to the attention of the authorities. I felt uneasy about continuing to live in Hong Kong, which was about to be returned to China, so I moved to Paris on my own.

Immediately after moving to Paris, however, he was no longer seen in the media, and the “assassination theory” began to circulate as a myth. At that time, “FRIDAY” published an article on Teresa living in Paris (Friday Special, January 1991 issue).

The assassination theory eventually proved to be a hoax, but four years later, in 1995, Theresa suffered an asthma attack at a hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and was pronounced dead at the hospital where she was taken. Nevertheless, the assassination theory continued to be whispered for several years after that.

In response to Zhou Ting’s refusal to return to Hong Kong, the police authorities said, “You have been accused of openly violating the law and of being an accessory after the fact,

The police authorities have issued a statement sternly condemning her “irresponsible behavior in open violation of the law.

and called on her to return to Hong Kong and turn herself in by the end of this month. The top Hong Kong government official, Chief Executive Lee Jia-chao, said, “The ‘fugitive’ is a person of integrity,

The “fugitive” has committed a shameful act by selling out his sincerity, making up excuses to gain sympathy, and trying to make himself look righteous. The SEZ government will do everything in its power to track down and arrest any fugitives who are a danger to national security,” he said.

The statement was followed by a statement from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In response to this statement, Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said at a press conference on April 4, “No one is above the law,

I would like to emphasize that no person has the privilege of being free from the law, and that any illegal criminal act will definitely be punished by the law.

I would like to emphasize that no person has the privilege of being free from the law. It is believed that the order for Zhou to appear in court was issued in response to that press conference.

In the past, anyone who cried out against the Soviet Union, Russia, or North Korea, or anyone who stood in the way of the regime, was assassinated. Even if he defected, it would be extremely difficult to ensure his personal safety and he would not feel safe.

The Hong Kong police have already placed a bounty of approximately 18 million Japanese yen per person on five democracy activists living abroad who are wanted. If Mr. Zhou becomes a wanted person, he will surely be subject to the same bounty. If that happens, he will not be safe anywhere. She will continue to live in fear of informants.

Will she ever be able to spend her days in peace?

This was the decisive photograph that debunked the “assassination theory” (July 9, ’91 extra issue)
This was the decisive photograph that debunked the “assassination theory” (July 9, 1991 extra issue)

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