Maayu Matsuoka relaxes by “crunching nuts between takes. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Maayu Matsuoka relaxes by “crunching nuts between takes.

News scene FRIDAY Witness! Harikomi24 <Chiba 11:30>.

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One morning during Golden Week, a new movie was being filmed in a building district near Chiba Station. Regulation lines were set up at the site for staging purposes, and the shooting of a tense scene in which a man attempts to jump from the roof of a building continues.

In between takes, the crew would put on bench coats and sit on chairs to rest. Occasionally, he would hold a meeting on his phone.

After the cut on the rooftop, it was actress Mayu Matsuoka (27) who entered the scene. Is she playing the role of a news reporter? Holding a camera, she waded through the crowd of extras and walked up to the regulation line. Matsuoka captured the scene on camera as the crowd continued to point their smartphones at the man on the rooftop.

Matsuoka recently announced that he would be moving to a different company within the group as part of a reorganization of the office group. The new firm will be led by film directors, photographers, and other creators. Matsuoka will probably focus more on appearing in movies.

Perhaps feeling a little hungry, Matsuoka sat on a chair and ate a bowl of mixed nuts while waiting for his role. Her hair color and light makeup, which matched her role, gave her an air of dignity.

Perhaps she was hungry from the morning shoot, but during a break, she was popping mixed nuts into her mouth like she was enjoying them.
Unpublished photo of Maayu Matsuoka, spotted in Chiba during the filming of a movie!
Unpublished photos of Maayu Matsuoka in Chiba, Japan.
Unpublished photos from the magazine Maayu Matsuoka, found in Chiba during the filming of a movie!

From theJune3, 2022issue ofFRIDAY

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