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Unbelievable CM Fee for Super Stars Like Ohtani & Matsuyama!

The secret story behind the latest CM fee list ups and downs is also revealed. Reasons for the breakthrough of Olympians in Tokyo & Beijing, What is the added value that clients seek in the age of 2021? ......

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Right: Despite being a superstar, Ohtani‘s strength is the solidity of his personal life, which has never been reported, not even for a love affair. Middle: Shinjo, who has been the most exposed manager in professional baseball since his press conference last November, left: Shinjo was ranked No. 4 in the world in singles in 2015. Kei Nishikori (32), who boasts a proven track record, also ranks high in commercials.

Shohei Ohtani, 27, the starting pitcher for the Angels, held the Astros to zero runs in the first inning and returned to the bench without a care in the world, but he soon returned to the field with his helmet and bat in hand. This time, he went to bat as the leadoff hitter.


It was like a dream come true for him to be able to play two sports on the world’s greatest stage. He was young, healthy, serious, and hardworking. He is world-renowned, has the ability, and is continuing to pursue his incredible dream of winning the Cy Young Award and becoming the home run king. And yet, he is free from scandal. To those of us in the advertising industry, Otani is truly “perfect”.

Mr. A, an executive at a major advertising agency, presented a list of five sheets of paper. 

The top of the list included Otani’s name and the figure “300 million yen. Including our agency’s commission. Of course, 300 million yen is not an instant decision, but this amount is the basis for negotiations. The amount will vary depending on the conditions our client is seeking for Otani,” said Mr. A.

Under special rules for acquiring foreign players in the Majors, Ohtani’s annual salary is limited to $5.5 million (about 700 million yen), but he has commercial contracts with more than a dozen Japanese and U.S. companies, so his off-field income is estimated to be close to 3 billion yen.

The table below is the latest ’22 edition of the “CM Salary List,” compiled by the editorial department from the list provided by Mr. A. It includes major athletes, TV personalities, and actors. The estimated amounts reported in the past have been included where possible.

When you become a world-class actor like Naomi Osaka (24) or Hideki Matsuyama (30), clients will not leave you alone. They, too, must be averaging around 2 billion yen from commercials alone. Olympians who competed in the Tokyo Olympics and Beijing Olympics are also expensive because they are world-class. As is obvious from the list, top athletes are more expensive than celebrities. In addition to being known worldwide, the world of sports is clean, healthy, and positive. This is the very image that clients are looking for.

This raises a question. Even among world-class fighters, Naoya Inoue (29), a judo gold medalist and second-ranked pound-for-pound fighter, seems to stand out from the crowd, but why is his fee not as high as it is? An executive at a sports management firm says, “It’s not the person, but the competition that makes the difference.”

The Olympics are held once every four years, and boxing is limited to three matches a year. The amount of exposure is different from sports that have matches every day or every week. That is the difference. Especially in boxing, the lifespan of an athlete is short. Normally, once a commercial fee is raised, it cannot be lowered, but for boxers, there is a possibility that they will agree to a reduction.

Familiarity, good image, and the amount of exposure. These keywords also apply to celebrities and actors. A senior executive at an entertainment company said, “All of these factors have to be met.”

A senior executive at an entertainment company says, “The heroine of an NHK TV series satisfies all of these criteria. It is broadcast every day. As soon as the lead role is decided, offers start pouring in. That is why every agency is desperate to get a heroine for an NHK morning drama. Another thing that clients pay attention to is the talent’s ability to communicate. They look to see how their comments are picked up by the media and how their posts on social networking sites become news.”

Mr. A explains that this is the same reason why “Downtown” and Takuya Kimura (49) have become more prominent in commercials over the past few years.

The two ‘Downtown’ guys make commercials for a story on their show, and Kimura makes news just by wearing zombie makeup.” The one who has successfully caught this new wave is the BIGBOSS, Tsuyoshi Shinjo, (50), the manager of Nippon Ham! He is a very popular and well-known Japanese actor and singer. Every time he speaks out at an event or on social media, he is in the news. Whenever I appear at an event, sports and entertainment reporters come to cover it.”

The list is 30 million yen, but “Director Shinjo’s commercial fees have already soared to 40-50 million yen. The list is 30 million yen, but we have heard that “Director Shinjo’s commercial fees have already soared to 40-50 million yen” (entertainment professional executive).  He may be called the MVP of the commercial world in the first half of 2010.

Top right: Takuya Kimura, whose singing “Chooi ma~ck♪” has become a topic of conversation. Top left: Masami Nagasawa (34) was highly praised for her transparency in the “Calpis” commercial. Bottom right: Haruka Ayase (37), who was in second place in the amount of CM placements (Kanto area) last year. His comical performance in a detergent commercial has been well received.

From the May 20 and 27, 2022 issues of FRIDAY

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