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Surprise Love Confession – Maika Yamamoto and Kento Ito’s Genuine Affection

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Ito and Yamamoto. Their natural expressions and smiles show the “depth of their love

Maika Yamamoto (26) and Kentaro Ito (26) were first reported in 1919. Four years have passed since then, and despite the twists and turns, they have not broken up, and one wonders how their fans feel when they see them getting along so well.

They co-starred in “From Today I Am! The Movie” released in ’20. Their relationship was discovered at the beginning of that year. However, in October of the same year, Ito was involved in a hit-and-run incident and was arrested (and later indicted) for violating the Road Traffic Law.

The social networking sites were abuzz with bashing of Ito, and Yamamoto’s fans flooded the site saying, “You should break up with him as soon as possible. Yamamoto tried to support Ito, but the breakup was reported in 2009.

After that, Yamamoto was once photographed on a Disney date with Hiro (29) of the rock band MY FIRST STORY, but in July of last year, Shukan Bunshun reported a two-shot with Ito. In the article, a person involved in the drama who knows them well,

After the incident, Mr. Ito told everyone that he and Maika had broken up, but we heard that Ms. Yamamoto approached him saying that she wanted to get back together with him.

Six months later, the two were walking the streets of Shibuya without any disguise, proudly holding hands with their lover. Fans immediately reacted to this, with most of the posts on social networking sites saying, “I love Maika Yamamoto’s love for Ito,

I think Maika Yamamoto’s love for Ito is real.

“I love that she stays single-minded even after all that’s happened!

Yamamoto’s “single-minded love” for Ito was praised by many. Some of them said, “I thought Yamamoto had someone better,

“It’s a pity because I thought Yamamoto had someone better.

I can’t help but like Ito, but I guess that means they really hit it off, so I wish them happiness.

Some people still do not have a good impression of Ito, saying, “I just don’t like Ito, but I guess they really get along,

But I guess I can’t help but support her now that she’s come this far.

Some are even raising the white flag over her “single-minded love”.

Yamamoto’s fans have honestly wondered, “Why? But having witnessed her “single-minded love,” it seems that they have no choice but to acknowledge Ito’s existence. Ito has been appearing in an increasing number of dramas and stage productions, but his credibility has yet to be restored. For the sake of Yamamoto, who has supported her up to now, she will have no choice but to be active in her work.

In an interview in “FRIDAY” (October 27, 2011 issue), Ito himself described the 26-year-old’s current position as follows.

《I’m in pain, but I am convinced that it is not a negative suffering, but a feeling that I will need for myself in …… 10 or 20 years from now. I want to attract offers to perform in the drama “RISING SUN” (to be distributed this spring) as well as in my own work that I will be doing in the future. I want to be an actor who can stay in the scene for a long time.

He talked about his love life at a previous event,

“I want to go out with someone I like and get married.

I want her to be active in her career.

In the February 2-9 issue of “FRIDAY,” on sale on January 19, we find out how they are living together, the Christmas night that made us smile so much, and other episodes of the two of them smiling constantly! In addition, the paid version of “FRIDAY GOLD” also shows several photos of the couple.

On their way to a Chinese chain restaurant, they pass a number of businessmen and students, but their hands remain clasped in a tight lover’s embrace!
Ito, who is not wearing a disguise, and Yamamoto, who is looking rather sexy in his setup. They are holding hands in a “lover’s embrace” date.
Ito, not wearing a disguise, and Yamamoto, looking rather sexy in a set-up. A date with Ito and Yamamoto, who are both in disguise.
Ito, not in disguise, and Yamamoto, looking rather sexy in a set-up. A date with Ito and Yamamoto, who are not in disguise, and Yamamoto, who looks rather sexy in his setup.

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