Kei Komuro, who has the “most powerful title,” is on an elite road to success… Venture capital and “ties to the U.S. government and corporations” are also in the works. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kei Komuro, who has the “most powerful title,” is on an elite road to success… Venture capital and “ties to the U.S. government and corporations” are also in the works.

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Kei Komuro is now a lawyer in New York. He has been making the most of his “powerful title” as “husband of Mako,” a former member of the royal family. ……

Only six months have passed since Mr. Kei Komuro was admitted to the New York (NY) Bar. Kei Komuro, who is supposed to be a newcomer, is “somehow” getting new jobs one after another.

In June, Mr. Komuro was transferred to the international trade and national security section of Lowenstein & Sandler, a major law firm in New York. However, about two months later, he was also assigned to venture capital investment-related work.

In mid-September, it was also discovered that he had joined the specialized team “G-BRIDGE. Perhaps they are looking at Ms. Komuro’s aptitude by assigning her various duties, but some people in the New York legal community are saying that it may be too much for Ms. Komuro, who has been a registered attorney for less than a year.

Venture capital is an organization that invests in unlisted venture companies in anticipation of their future growth. What specific tasks will Mr. Komuro be responsible for?

Mr. Komuro is mainly involved in providing consulting services to domestic and foreign venture capital firms interested in investing in venture companies. My work covers a wide range of areas, including fundraising, drafting contracts, and handling troubleshooting. Venture capital firms raise and manage funds not only from major corporations, but also from wealthy individuals and celebrities in various countries,” said a legal expert.

Then, what is “G-BRIDGE,” a specialized team?

The team acts primarily as a bridge between the U.S. federal government and corporations. We match client governments with companies, provide legal support, contract assistance, and advice on international trade and other matters.

However, most of the team members other than Mr. Komuro are based in the Washington, D.C. office. This is because Washington is the center of the U.S. government, where the White House and related agencies of the federal government are concentrated. Eventually, Mr. Komuro may be considering obtaining a local Washington license to practice law,” said a legal expert.

However, it is somewhat disconcerting that Mr. Komuro would be in charge of such an important job for his firm, which has the government as a client.

He did not have a law degree and studied business management in graduate school. He only studied law for three years at Fordham University while studying in the U.S. after his unofficial engagement to Mako. Moreover, he failed the NY State bar exam twice, which has a first-time pass rate of over 70%, so he is not a flattering example of a legal elite.

Why is Mr. Komuro, a newcomer to the firm, being entrusted with various tasks and entrusted with important work dealing with the government that could affect the reputation of the firm? I have to say that this is an unusual selection.

This is no doubt due to the fact that Mr. Komuro is the husband of a former member of the royal family, which is the most powerful weapon in his arsenal.

In the U.S., the royal family and the royal family are the most important business partners of venture capital firms. In the U.S., the status of the royal family and other members of the royal family is considered important, and the idea that it is natural to use them for business is firmly established.

It is likely that the office is aiming to have Mr. Komuro use his one and only title as Mako’s husband to expand his personal network and raise funds.

By using the prestige of the imperial family, which is often criticized in Japan, for business, the Komuro’s could make big money.

Mr. and Mrs. Komuro will be able to make big money by using the prestige of the royal family, which is often criticized in Japan. If Mr. Komuro can take on a large number of cases by fully utilizing his personal connections, he can easily exceed the average annual salary of a new lawyer, which is said to be 20 million yen, and it is quite possible that his annual salary will be 100 million yen or more.

Mako-san was said to have worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York State for a while, but she does not seem to be particularly involved these days, perhaps because she is confident that Ms. Komuro can earn a high income on her own. Eventually, Ms. Komuro may be able to handle projects outside of New York State by cultivating additional personal connections and obtain big money.

It seems that Mr. Komuro, who has the most powerful title, is becoming a successful person in the U.S. – and he has a lot to offer.

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