Divorce case settled! Mayo Kawasaki: “I’m finally free of Kaya. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Divorce case settled! Mayo Kawasaki: “I’m finally free of Kaya.

Mayo Kawasaki (58) and Kayla Kawasaki (59) answer FRIDAY's direct interview.

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Mayo Kawasaki (58) and Kayla Kawasaki (59). Their “divorce trial,” which has caused quite a stir in the public eye, is about to come to an end.

The couple, who first became aware of their passionate love in 1989 and married the following year, separated in 2004. For a while, it was called a “business separation,” but when the divorce mediation failed in 2004, Mayo filed a lawsuit in 2005.

Asayo responds to a direct hit with a sense of freedom. Her relationship with her new boyfriend, which was revealed in a FRIDAY report in 2006, seems to be going well.

In ’18, a FRIDAY report revealed that Mayo’s relationship with her new boyfriend was going well. “Mayo simply asked for a divorce, but Kayla countersued in ’19, seeking about 20 million yen in alimony. The reasons for her request for alimony were domestic violence, such as being trampled or run over by a car, infidelity, and abandonment of her child.

The decision of the first trial came in February 2008. The first trial court ruled in February 2008 that the counterclaim was dismissed. In other words, Mayo won the case.

Kayla immediately appealed. However, the judgment of the second trial will be issued soon. Ms. Mayo is confident that the decision will be the same as the first trial. Since the verdict hasn’t been finalized yet, they are actually still a married couple.

Incidentally, Mayo filed a lawsuit against “Sports Nippon” in 2007 for “publishing a series of articles that falsely claimed that she had domestic violence against Kayla” in parallel with her divorce trial with Kayla. A settlement was reached in December of last year, with Mayo’s claim being accepted.

She must be feeling very happy right now. This magazine interviewed Mayo directly after her appearance on the stage.

–This is Friday, Mayo-san.

I’m sorry, if you could go through my office.

–I heard that your divorce case with Kaya is about to be settled.

I filed for divorce mediation in ’16, so it’s been about five years. The stress of the trial aggravated my functional dysphonia, which I developed after my marriage, and I am still visiting the hospital. Finally, …… really finally.”

— “In the trial, Ms. Kaya claimed that Mr. Mayo had committed domestic violence and infidelity.

Absolutely not. She used to be a professional wrestler and has stronger arms than I do. There’s no way she would have DV. I had a boyfriend once, but it was only after the marriage had broken down. The court has accepted my claims.

–It was said that you had not been paying child support for the children.

That’s not true either. I paid a substantial amount of money every month during our marriage and even after we separated around 2004. We don’t owe any money, but financially it has been very difficult.”

— “What is your current state of mind?

I feel as if I am reborn as a new person. I’m going to turn 60 soon, and I want to expand my range of work, not only in acting but also in my hobby of fishing.

Kaya, on the other hand, said through her agency.

I met him, believed in him, and we became a family in the country of Japan. And I have continued to work in the entertainment industry, which I love. This ending was not the one I wanted, but no matter how it turns out, the ‘truth’ is one. This is the end of the story, but from now on, I am going to be grateful for everything, look forward to the future here in Japan, where I dreamed of being when I was a child, and move forward with my life.

Will the “tumultuous couple” representing the Heisei era finally divorce?

In 2006, Kaya visited the grave of Mayo’s grandfather in Kyoto. She later filed a countersuit against Mayo for alimony.

From “FRIDAY” February 4, 2022 issue

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