Is the 5-year long muddled divorce trial over? Mayo Kawasaki and Kaya, a couple who had it both ways. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Is the 5-year long muddled divorce trial over? Mayo Kawasaki and Kaya, a couple who had it both ways.

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I feel somewhat disappointed that we are no longer a couple. ……

I hope we can use our divorce as a break and make a fresh start in our lives. I would like to tell Kaya that from now on we will both do our best in our future lives.”

Mayo Kawasaki (60) said with a fresh expression in response to a direct interview in the October 13-20 issue of this magazine.

On September 20, the Tokyo High Court ruled in the divorce case between Mayo and Kaya (61). The Tokyo High Court dismissed Kaya’s claim for alimony on the grounds of domestic violence and adultery by Mayo, and ordered her to pay 66 million yen in property division to Mayo and to bear the legal costs. Following the February 2008 ruling by the family court, which granted the divorce and rejected Kaya’s demand for alimony, Mayo “won” in the second round as well.

Kaya’s side can appeal to the Supreme Court, but it is unlikely to be approved. The five-year battle that began in October 2006, when Mayo filed a lawsuit for divorce and Kaya countersued for 20 million yen in alimony, finally appears to be coming to an end.

The two were married in 1990. When Mayo’s affair with Yuki Saito (57) was scooped in 1993, Kaya’s appearance at Mayo’s press conference, standing with her arms folded behind the press, became the talk of the town, and she broke out as the “devil’s wife” character. Since then, she has been a regular on “Laugh It Up! (Fuji Television Network) as a regular. However, repeated reports of Mayo’s “unfaithfulness” after that led to whispers of a separation from around 2000.

Their separation was revealed in a report in the March 23, 2012 issue of this magazine. Mayo, who was appearing on stage at the time, was having drinks at a bar one night with several acquaintances until 2 am. As soon as they left the bar, Asayo got into a cab with a beautiful woman in her 30s who was one of the members of the group, and returned to a certain apartment. Three days later, he went to the same apartment with another beautiful woman. This was the “home” that Mayo lived in apart from Kaya’s house.

When we went to Kaya’s house to inquire about this matter, we saw a black man frequently going in and out of her house day and night. He took out the trash early in the morning and walked Kaya’s dog, giving the impression that he was living with her.

When we directly interviewed Kaya, she was silent about Mayo’s relationships with women, but when asked about her own alleged infidelity, she laughed and said, “A-ha, it’s not like that! It’s not like that,” she laughed. The man was an Ethiopian who owned a restaurant nearby and was a family friend.

However, Kaya was also suspected of dating a Guinean man (33 at the time) in May ’14. It all started when the man’s wife discovered a “kissing photo” on a birthday card sent by Kaya to the man. Kaya told this magazine, “The man is my friend,

The man is a friend. I met him at a club this year. He seemed to have some problems, so I went out with him and gave him advice. I am a licensed counselor.

I’m a licensed counselor,” she said. She also said that the “kissing photos” were to cheer him up and that she did not know that he had a wife and child. The following year, however, Kaya confessed on a TV program that she was dating and living with this man.

At an event the following month, Kaya said, “I have 10 boyfriends now! When Mayo came to give Kaya a present for her birthday, she said she could not enter the house because she was taking a shower with her boyfriend. Two months later, when she and Mayo were questioned by the press at an event in Tokyo, the number of boyfriends had increased to 12 (laughs). (Laughter.) Mayo, puzzled, quipped, “I don’t have that many,” to which Kaya snapped, “You don’t have that many? Kaya snapped. Mayo hurriedly explained, “I meant that there are no such people. It was an exquisite exchange of breaths, as if they were a married couple engaged in a comic dialogue.

However, as mentioned above, in October 2006, Mayo filed for divorce. This magazine reported in November of the same year that Mayo had a 34-year-old woman named Ako, with whom she had become close about two years prior to this. The court ruled that the marriage between Mayo and Kaya had broken down and that the relationship between Mayo and Ako did not constitute adultery.

They have been reported to be having an “affair” with each other and have been living separately for many years. They are on the verge of divorce, yet they are not divorcing. Mayo and Kaya have been recognized by the public as a mysterious couple. When it came time for them to get divorced, it was understandable that it took so long.

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At a wedding in August ’90. Kaya was active as a model in five countries, including the U.S., Italy, and France.
Mayo leaves the bar at 2:00 a.m. and waits for a cab with a beautiful woman. After this, they went to the apartment where Mayo lives (February ’12).
When we visited Kaya at her home to ask about her alleged affair, we found that a black man had been in and out of the house frequently for some reason (March 2012).
After the divorce proceedings and the discovery of Mayo’s new boyfriend, we interviewed Kaya when she visited the grave of Mayo’s grandfather. She said she was “shocked” to learn of his new girlfriend (December ’18).
After the divorce was finalized, Kaya saw Mayo and her new partner, Ako, on a date, with their arms firmly intertwined and engaged in conversation (March ’22).
After the High Court ruling on September 20, Mayo responds to a direct interview with this magazine. This magazine has interviewed Mayo several times, and he has never looked better.
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