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Why NHK’s “Kamakuradono no 13-nin” will be a touchstone for Oguri’s acting career

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A drinking party for handsome men held at the invitation of Shun Oguri (left). Photo taken in November 2006.

NHK’s historical drama “Kamakuradono no 13-nin” starring Oguri Shun, got off to a good start with viewer ratings in the 17% range.

Currently. 39 years old. Oguri Shun is now 39 years old. He is now 39 years old and has long been the number one young actor in Japan, with countless hit movies to his credit. The reasons for this are given by those familiar with the entertainment industry as follows.

In recent years 27 years old In recent years, Ryo Yoshizawa, then 27, and 34 years old Ryohei Suzuki, who was 34 at the time. 35 years old. years old, Ryohei Suzuki at 34, and Kou Shibasaki at 35. It is commonplace to be selected to play a leading role in In terms of popularity, ability and achievements, Oguri is far superior to the actors who have played leading roles recently. In terms of popularity, ability, and achievements, Oguri is far superior to the actors who have recently played leading roles. Moreover, he has appeared in the Taiga River itself many times.

But the reason why it took so long for him to play the lead role is because of his mischievous behavior in his youth. He had affairs with various celebrities and Cheating Man He was once given the disgraceful title of “cheating man. I knew it. NHK NHK prefers actors who are well-behaved, so it is possible that he was shunned. On the contrary, he has bounced back from such scandals and has risen to this level. That’s proof that his acting ability is outstanding,” said a commercial TV station employee.

Characteristic is the lack of impact

On the other hand, the editor in charge of entertainment at a women’s magazine made the following interesting analysis.

On the other hand, the editor of a women’s magazine in charge of entertainment had the following interesting analysis: “I think the reason why Mr. Oguri’s selection for the Taiga drama was delayed despite his ability and achievements is due to his character. Mr. Oguri’s rise to the top of young actors is due to the fact that he is 24 years old. When he was 24 years old. Until then, he was known as Kim Tak ( 49 (49) and Satoshi Tsumabuki (41). 41 52 ), Masaharu Fukuyama ( 52 Once you saw them, it was easy to be impressed.

However, Shun Oguri, who emerged as the next generation of actors, is said to be the original salt face. That’s why he doesn’t have a strong impact on the audience, and it’s as if he came to the top before they knew it. In fact, if you ask him about his representative works, he has not made any works that caused a social phenomenon. However, they are all interesting to watch and are sure to be hits. In other words, it’s hard for people to understand the quality of Oguri Shun unless they see his acting.

This time, I think he was chosen because of his undisputed achievements and because he has reached the right age to play the leading role, but in reality, there are still many elderly people who are not familiar with him. So this may be an opportunity for him to raise his profile among middle-aged and older people and make an even greater leap forward.

Oguri’s impression as a top actor is simple, but he is required to play a wide range of roles. From now on, he will be a great weapon. In fact, a writer who has interviewed him has the following to say.

In the first half of the interview, he seemed a little stiff and unassuming. I was a little surprised because I had an image of Oguri as a friendly person with many actor friends.

But as the latter half of the film progressed, he changed. It was as if he unconsciously sensed the image of Shun Oguri that we had in our minds, and gradually began to respond to us as if he were a person close to that image. At that time, I realized that he is a natural born actor who is possessed. That’s why I’m sure he’ll be able to play Hojo Yoshitoki with great skill and make it his own.

Once people see him, they will be captivated by his high level of acting ability. This is the actor Oguri Shun. Will he be able to overcome the handicap of his simple impression and become one of Japan’s leading actors in both name and reality? I will be watching him carefully over the next year.

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