The secret plan of the beloved drama team to achieve a V-shaped recovery in the underrated, underachieving ballplayer starring Ryohei Suzuki | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The secret plan of the beloved drama team to achieve a V-shaped recovery in the underrated, underachieving ballplayer starring Ryohei Suzuki

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Ryohei Suzuki is now one of the leading actors in the film industry, and “Gekkoukou Kyuuji” is ……

Sunday theater “Gekkojo Kyuji” (TBS) starring Ryohei Suzuki. Although the ratings had been reported to be sluggish, expectations for a V-shaped recovery are growing as the second half of the season begins.

The character of Osamuji Nagumo, played by Suzuki, is a social studies teacher in his third year at Mie Prefectural Koshiyama High School. He is appointed as an advisor to a weak baseball club on the verge of being discontinued. The film is a dream human entertainment in which the team overcomes various difficulties and aims for an appearance in the Koshien National High School Baseball Championship, which could be called a miracle.

However, although the average household rating for the first episode of “Gekkatsu Kyuji” was 10.8%, it continued to drop with each episode, plummeting to 8.0% in the fourth episode. The fourth episode saw the ratings plummet to 8.0%.

Speaking of the Sunday theater in which Suzuki plays the lead role, “VIVANT,” which aired in 2009, received a meager 8.0%. The Sunday theater in which Suzuki plays the lead role, “TOKYO MER: Running Emergency Rescue Room,” which was broadcast in 2009, marked high viewer ratings. It was made into a movie and became a huge hit, grossing over 4 billion yen at the box office.

Suzuki is now one of Japan’s leading actors. That is why there were some who questioned why he chose this film.

However, this film reunites the writer Sadoko Okudera, producer Junko Arai, and director Ayuko Tsukahara, who worked on the award-winning Friday drama “Saiai” (starring Yuriko Yoshitaka, TBS) that was broadcast in 2009. The three were undoubtedly searching for a “new hero image” for Ryohei Suzuki.

However, the ratings for the first four episodes show that the show has fallen far short of viewers’ expectations.

The shocking revelation that he was teaching without a license. At the end of the fourth episode, he surrenders himself to the police, accompanied by the principal (Kotaro Koizumi). The Nagumo family is looked at with white eyes by the whole town.

The family is reprimanded by his wife Mika (Haruka Igawa), who supports the Nagumo family, and the pathetic figure of Kota Kitami, the super emergency doctor who rushes to the scene of serious accidents, disasters, and incidents and daringly dives into dangerous scenes to save lives, is nowhere to be seen in his role in “TOKYO MER”. (a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show).

Nagumo is a loser cloaked in a negative aura. However, the image of Nagumo with such a “negative aura” was an essential element in this work, which depicts the “resurrection of an adult loser.

In episode 5, we learn about the events in his childhood that led him to have a dream of becoming a teacher. Unable to give up on that dream, he re-entered college at the age of 32. However, he is unable to take the necessary credits and drops out, but forges a teaching license to become a teacher. By carefully depicting Nagumo’s struggles, Suzuki’s Nagumo is successfully transformed into an appealing protagonist” (producer, production company).

Ayuko Tsukahara, who is in charge of directing, said,

Ayuko Tsukahara, who is in charge of directing, said, “In life, there is no one who never makes a mistake. How will he atone for his sins and what kind of backbone will he show?

She said, “How do you atone for your sins and show your back? This is important and the key point of this film. This is exactly the kind of new hero that the three men who worked on the classic “Saiai” (TBS) should take on in “Gekijo Kyuuji” (The Underdog).

In the sixth episode, Nagumo was acquitted of all charges, thanks in part to a petition in which baseball club members, alumni, local shopkeepers, and the school principal all lined up their names. The Koshiyama High School baseball team, under the leadership of coach Yamazumi (Hana Kuroki), is united in their efforts to bring Nagumo back to the field. The team wins an impressive come-from-behind victory to advance past the first round for the summer Koshien tournament.

In episode 7, Nagumo returns as coach and the team makes it to the top 8 in the summer tournament for the first time in 34 years. The eighth episode, scheduled to air on December 3, will bring the curtain down on the fateful showdown between the two teams.

The ratings have stalled at 10.1% for episode 5, 9.3% for episode 6, and 8.6% for episode 7, but now the “overthrow of the best in Japan” will begin. What kind of “comeback” will be shown in the final episode? The “Beloved Team” will have to show their skills.

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