Number_i “Shiyoh Hirano” rebels against advice? A theory that he does not get along with former V6 “Ken Miyake” has emerged. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Number_i “Shiyoh Hirano” rebels against advice? A theory that he does not get along with former V6 “Ken Miyake” has emerged.

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Hirano is at the peak of his popularity, but recently he has been complaining about Miyake

Shiyoh Hirano of Number_i is by far the most popular member of TOBE, an entertainment agency headed by Hideaki Takizawa. One of the leading talents of TOBE is said to have recently been complaining to the people around him about a “certain senior” in the company.

Hirano, Yuta Jinguji, and Yuta Kishi left Johnny’s office (now STARTO ENTERTAINMENT) after leaving King & Prince on May 22 last year, and the three of them joined forces at TOBE and announced the formation of Number_i on October 15 of the same year. Their first digital single “GOAT” (released on January 1 this year) has attracted a lot of attention, and they are riding a wave of momentum.

Hirano’s individual advertising contracts are increasing one after another, and as Number_i, he has appeared in commercials for McDonald’s “Chicken McNuggets” and Suntory’s “Beer Bowl. Currently, former V6 member Ken Miyake, former Kis-My-Ft2 member Hiromitsu Kitayama, and IMP. (seven former members of the junior unit IMPACTors) are members of TOBE, but when Number_i merchandise is sold at the TOBE OFFICIAL STORE, Hirano’s personal photos are immediately Whenever TOBE OFFICIAL STORE sells merchandise of Number_i, Hirano’s personal photos and other items are so popular that they are immediately SOLD OUT.

Hirano is said to be troubled by the words and actions of his seniors.

Hirano is having trouble getting along with Miyake, a former member of V6. Miyake is known among his fans for his nervousness and tongue, and he is always telling Hirano and the other junior members what they should do. Of course, there are times when advice from a senior with a long career can be helpful. However, despite the fact that Miyake’s “sales” are among the lowest in TOBE, he spends a considerable amount of money on his activities. Hirano, who has become the office’s top earner, may not be happy about it.

On the other hand, he seems to have a good relationship with another senior, Kitayama. During an Instagram live-streaming on December 16 last year, Hirano said, “Kitayama-kun is really kind. Really. He talks to me from the same point of view. He seemed to adore Kitayama.

Incidentally, Miyake released his first digital single “Ready To Dance” after moving to TOBE (September 22, 2011). Incidentally, Miyake’s first digital single “Ready To Dance” was released on September 22, 2011, and ranked No. 36 on the Oricon Weekly Digital Single (single song) Ranking (October 2, 2011), with 1,684 downloads. Four TOBE artists, IMP., Kitayama, Number_i, and Miyake, will hold solo performances at Ariake Arena in Tokyo from June 13 to 23. Miyake’s current popularity can be seen in the Ariake shows: IMP. and Kitayama are scheduled to perform three shows, Number_i the most with six shows, and Miyake only has two shows.

The application period for fan club members had already ended, and tickets went on sale to the general public from May 18 to 19. Tickets for IMP. and Miyake went on sale at 10:00 a.m. on May 18, and those for Number_i and Kitayama at 10:00 a.m. on May 19 at Ticket Pia and other outlets….

Tickets for all shows except Miyake’s were sold out immediately. However, even two weeks after the tickets went on sale, tickets for Miyake’s performances are still available at Ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket, and e-plus.

Under these circumstances, it may be natural for Hirano and his colleagues to feel resentment if Miyake is using a high budget for his own activities.

Whether it is just a scheduling conflict or whether Hirano is avoiding Miyake, …… has not seen Number_i involved with the “TOBE family” since the March Tokyo Dome “to HEROes ~TOBE 1st Super Live~” (March 14-17). The YouTube program “TOBE BAN” on April 13 was pre-recorded and Number_i was the only member on location, and the live TikTok program “TOBE HIGH SCHOOL” was also pre-recorded in March and April, but the number of times Number_i was involved with the “TOBE Family” has been decreasing. The live TikTok program “TOBE HIGH SCHOOL” also did not feature Number_i in March and April,” said a source at a TV station.

Nevertheless, their unity must be strong, as they have left their former agency and made a fresh start under Mr. Takizawa. It is hoped that the artists will work together to make TOBE a success .

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