Erika Toda’s “cheeky figure at a girls’ night out” gets a big cheer from fans! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Erika Toda’s “cheeky figure at a girls’ night out” gets a big cheer from fans!

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A photo of Erika Toda posted on the official Instagram of the drama “Hakodome” is creating a lot of buzz (Photo: Naomi Nishimura/Afro)

Actress Erika Toda’s “cheeky shot” has become a big topic of conversation. She is currently starring in the drama “Hakozume: Tatakau! It was released on the official Instagram account of the drama in which she is starring, “Hako Zume: Tatakau Kouban Joshi,” and has received a flood of comments such as “Too good,” “I love Erika-chan,” “Healing,” and “Erika-sama is too beautiful. and 52,000 likes.

This is the first time I’ve seen this movie. It’s one of the most talked about dramas of the season, airing every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. on Nippon Television Network. The drama “Hakodome” is based on the manga series “Hakodome: Police Box Girls Strike Back” (Yasuko), which is serialized in the manga magazine “Morning”. In the drama version, Toda plays the role of Seiko Fuji, a former ace detective with a problem, and Nagano plays the role of Mayori Kawai, a chick police officer. The senior-junior relationship pairs them up to solve difficult cases.

The interesting thing about this drama is that it is “strangely realistic. It is a comical depiction of the human side of female police officers, something that you don’t see in gory cop dramas.

The photo on Instagram that became the topic of conversation this time is an off-shot of a women’s party scene. The women’s party held guerrilla style in the police dormitory is one of the elements that support this drama. The actors, who are dressed in crisp uniforms, change into loose loungewear for the girls’ party. Many fans say that this scene is “super healing.

This time, we have two shots of Toda and Nanase Nishino, who plays the female detective, Miwa Makitaka. Toda is looking at the camera with both elbows on a low table, wearing a white shirt with short sleeves. The slenderness of her arms is astonishing. Next to her, Nishino is sitting on the floor in a blue long-sleeved shirt. There is a low table with canned beer and other things on it.

And in this post, the official account had actually uploaded another photo. Both of them are in the same pose as in the first photo, but to my surprise, Toda’s cheeks are puffed out. Toda’s cheeks are puffed out in the photo, and it’s so cute that the official account called it “#cute #cute #cute.

The drama is going very well, but the story is already coming to an end. Oh, how I regret to leave ……!

  • Photo Naomi Nishimura/Afro

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