Junta Nakama of WEST Faces Crisis as Intellectual Image Fades Amidst Repeat Controversies Due to the Boomerang Effect of Think Calmly Before Sending | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Junta Nakama of WEST Faces Crisis as Intellectual Image Fades Amidst Repeat Controversies Due to the Boomerang Effect of Think Calmly Before Sending

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Junta Nakama of WEST, who tends to ignite on SNS. Even his hard-earned commentator job. (From official Instagram)

Junta Nakama, the eldest member of WEST. (formerly Johnny’s WEST), sparked controversy by posting a photo of a general household mailbox to X, leading to deletion and subsequent apologies.


Nakama was on X on June 15.

“Good morning! While I was staring out the window absentmindedly, I spotted a mailbox that looked like Mickey Mouse and it cheered me up haha.”

And posted. Indeed, the photo shows a mailbox with a design resembling the lower half of Mickey Mouse.

When he posted this, ordinary users commented: 

“If fans go looking for it, what should you do?”

“Isn’t that personal information?”

Voices questioning Nakama’s actions began to emerge. After about half a day,

“I deeply apologize for causing concern and inconvenience with this morning’s post. I have contacted the owner of the relevant photo to apologize and have deleted the post. I deeply regret my actions. I apologize sincerely.”

He apologized.

“Nakama-san apologized this month for another issue involving posts hinting at intimacy with female staff. When that sparked controversy, he criticized those writing bad things, saying, ‘I hope you’ll look calmly at the text before sending it.’ Despite being in a position to apologize, it seemed like he was arguing back, leading to further controversy and criticism,” a sports newspaper reporter explained.

On the internet, regarding Nakama’s controversy:

“Before you send it, take a calm look at the text, like saying “You’re the one to talk!”

“I understand why Johnny’s didn’t lift the ban on SNS.”

“Even with repeated controversies, not quitting SNS is like an elderly driver who won’t surrender their license.”

Many harsh comments like these are being posted.

According to insiders in the world of TV shows, there are concerns about Nakama’s future prospects amidst ongoing controversies on social media.

“In fact, Nakama frequently appears as a commentator on major news and information programs in the Kansai region. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Kwansei Gakuin University in Kansai and is highly valued in the intellectual role.

However, news programs, being primarily live broadcasts, prioritize not only insightful comments but also the utmost importance of never saying something inappropriate. If his SNS controversies continue, he risks being branded as a reckless adult, which could lead to him being avoided by news programs.”

While Nakama may have posted with the intention of pleasing his fans, if these controversies undermine his main job on television, it would indeed be counterproductive.

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