Yuta Kishi is “not interested in TV” because of his “trauma” in the past. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuta Kishi is “not interested in TV” because of his “trauma” in the past.

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Kishi is shooting in Tokyo. We may not see him again for a while.

From June 18 to 20, the three-member group “Number_i” consisting of Shiyoh Hirano (27), Yuta Kishi (28), and Yuta Jinguji (26) will be performing at Ariake Arena in Tokyo. A year has passed since they left “King & Prince” last May, but the three have had no shortage of topics of conversation. However, a certain change has occurred in the program Kishi used to appear in.

In the June 2 episode of “The! DASH! DASH! (NTV), “Naniwa Boys” Joichiro Fujiwara (28) joined the rice farming members of “DASH Village. Mr. Kishi had been active as a semi-regular member of the program, mainly in rice farming projects. However, since his departure from the former Johnny’s office (now known as STARTO ENTERTAINMENT) at the end of September of last year, he has not appeared on the program, giving the impression that Mr. Fujiwara has “replaced” him.

(Sports entertainment journalist) Even after Kishi’s departure, NTV commented, “We consider Mr. Kishi as an important member of the ‘Tetsuwan DASH’ family, and there will be no change in that policy in the future. Therefore, fans were expecting that Kishi would continue to appear on the show. ……

Fujiwara has appeared in many popular projects such as “0 yen Shokudo” and “Giant Shokudo,” so it is certain that he will become a member of the “Tetsuwan DASH family. On the other hand, it is unlikely that Mr. Kishi will return at this stage. It can be said that he is effectively graduating.

During his time with Johnny’s, Kishi appeared in variety shows such as “Tetsuwan DASH” and “VS Soul Gradation” (Fuji TV), and in the drama “Sukisuki Wan Wan! (NTV) and starred in the movie “G-Men” in the same year. However, her solo activities in her new home are likely to be different.

A TV station official mentioned above said, “Even after the formation of ‘Number_i,’ there have been offers from TV stations to appear on their programs.

After the formation of Number_i, there have been offers from TV stations to appear on their programs, but Ms. Kishi seems to be reluctant to accept such offers. Although she has appeared on music programs as a group, her stance is basically that she does not want to appear on TV as a solo artist.

Kishi’s reluctance to appear on TV seems to be related to the “trauma” she experienced in the past. A source in the entertainment industry is quoted as saying, “Kishi has been reluctant to appear on TV because of the trauma of her past.

When she announced her departure from “Kimpuri,” Kishi said, “I didn’t have the dexterity to do the same thing, which was to participate in dramas and variety shows while acquiring skills that could be used overseas. While I found TV work rewarding, I was worried that I was not getting closer to my goal of expanding overseas. Now, I think he wants to focus on his activities as an artist.

Number_i” is scheduled to perform at the Ariake Arena in June, “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2024” on August 11, and the music festival “SUMMER SONIC 2024” on August 17 and 18. It appears that the three will continue to pursue their “artist line” in the future.

Hirano-san has set his sights on global expansion and wants to focus on his music career. Kishi and Jinguji probably feel the same way. Although the group has a lot of momentum, they only made their distribution debut in January of this year. Until their music activities get on track, I think they will save their TV work.

Will the three be able to become artists who “take on the world,” as they have stated in “Number_i’s” new song “BON”?

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