Shiyoh Hirano’s “solo debut by the end of the year”…TOBE, which is struggling with distribution, is hanging on to the “explosive power” of “Number_i”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shiyoh Hirano’s “solo debut by the end of the year”…TOBE, which is struggling with distribution, is hanging on to the “explosive power” of “Number_i”.

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Hirano was on location in Tokyo last year. The first big work for “TOBE” is likely to be the debut of a solo song.

The three of us will work hard as a group from now on.

On October 15, Yuta Kishi (28), formerly of King & Prince, joined Hideaki Takizawa’s (41) company TOBE. He announced that he will be working with Shiyoh Hirano (26) and Yuta Jinguji (25).

The name of the new group was revealed in an emergency live broadcast on TOBE’s official YouTube channel. The name of the new group is ‘Number_i. The name “i” is a combination of “number one” and “only one,” and means “to be the best in one’s own way. The name of the group was invented by Mr. Kishi,” said an entertainment reporter for a sports newspaper.

The three members left “Kimpuri” on May 22, about five months ago. Hirano and Jinguji left Johnny’s on the same day and joined “TOBE” on July 7. Kishi left on September 30 and joined them. What will “Number_i” do in the future? A source at a TV station speculates, “The day when Hirano-san makes his solo debut is coming.

In July, “Josei Seven” reported that Hirano had already recorded a solo song. It seems to be a dance number that takes advantage of his advanced dance skills, and it will be distributed digitally as early as the end of this year.

When he announced his departure from the group last November, Hirano revealed that he had a strong desire to go abroad as the reason behind his resignation from the group. If her solo debut is realized, she will be closer to her goal of “going global. However, Hirano seems to be thinking about the group rather than herself.

He says, “There were plenty of times between July, when I moved to ‘TOBE,’ and now, when I could have delivered it. I think the reason he didn’t do so was because he wanted to contribute to ‘Number_i’ in Hirano’s mind. Even during his time at Kimpuri, he approached his work with the attitude of “giving back to the group, even if it is my own personal work. He may be maintaining this stance.

The location of Kishi’s filming, which we discovered last March. When the cameras were not rolling, he showed his concern by making jokes and making the people around him laugh.

Although Hirano had appeared on the cover of ELLE Japon magazine in September, the two had not been involved in any significant entertainment activities since they joined forces earlier. It is highly likely that Hirano’s solo debut will be the start of a full-fledged career.

Former “V6” member Ken Miyake (44), former “Kis-My-Ft2” member Hiromitsu Kitayama (38), and the seven-member group “IMP. (IEMP.)” in August, and Miyake distributed a digital single in September. However, a source at the aforementioned entertainment agency says that in reality, they are struggling.

Miyake’s song “Ready To Dance” debuted at No. 36 on Oricon’s weekly digital singles ranking. IMP.” also recorded its debut single “CRUISIN'” at No. 1 in August, but “SWITCHing,” distributed on October 13, was No. 5 on the day of its release and No. 17 the following day, indicating that its momentum has waned.

The key will be how well Ms. Hirano, Mr. Jinguji, and Ms. Kishi, who boast explosive popularity, can deliver results in the future. It is no exaggeration to say that Hirano-san’s solo songs are, in a sense, the future of “TOBE.”

Will Hirano, Jinguji, and Kishi be able to become “number one” in their new home?

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