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The Joyful Secret: Junichi Okada’s Delight in the Marriage of Issei Takahashi and Marie Iitoyo

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Issei Takahashi (left) announced his marriage to actress Marie Iide, and Junichi Okada congratulated him.

Actor Takahashi Issei and Iitoyo Marie surprised everyone with their sudden marriage.

On Avex’s official website, they jointly announced, 

“We are pleased to inform you that Takahashi Issei and Iitoyo Marie have registered their marriage.”

They continued, 

“Through participating in a certain work together, we felt our bond deepen as we shared the set.”

The two actors co-starred in the NHK drama “Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai,” which started in 2020.

Takahashi spoke about Iitoyo, saying, 

“She never compromises on living brightly without tarnishing herself with her own words. Her pure and radiant energy with integrity has repeatedly saved me.”

Iitoyo also shared, 

“I was drawn to his personality, where he always strives to think impartially and uses his wisdom to enjoy life mischievously, depending on the situation. His smile and depth of emotion have always comforted my heart.”

Former V6 member and actor Okada Junichi was overjoyed by this happy news.

On May 16th, he posted on his official X (formerly Twitter), saying, 

“Something very happy happened. I’m seriously happy. Let’s raise a toast.” 

While he didn’t reveal the details, Takahashi and Okada are known to be not only classmates from Horikoshi High School but also close friends both personally and professionally.

According to sources close to the entertainment industry who know both Takahashi and Okada, 

“Takahashi and Okada were not only classmates but also actors who have pushed each other to excel. One belonged to the powerhouse Johnny & Associates at the time, while the other was a late-blooming actor who finally found success after years of hard work. Each of them has their own story.”

Takahashi made his film debut in 1990 in “Hoshi o Tsugumono” and lent his voice to Seiji Amasawa in Studio Ghibli’s “Whisper of the Heart” (1995), gaining recognition as a child actor.

However, he struggled afterwards, and it wasn’t until about 20 years later that he resurfaced, with notable roles in dramas like “Minshu no Teki” (TV Asahi, 2015) and “Quartet” (TBS, 2017).

“Why did it take him so long? The reason is simple, he was competing with Johnny’s idols. Takahashi had a sweet face and was well-known for his acting skills. His name was always brought up in drama casting meetings, but at the time, Johnny’s was at its peak.

He was constantly losing roles to Johnny’s idols. Despite that, Okada, a Johnny’s talent, continued to encourage him. It’s an ironic story that your closest friend turns out to be your competitor.” (Entertainment industry insider)

It’s said that Okada was more delighted than anyone when Takahashi finally broke through, especially after “Minshu no Teki.”

In a way, he broke through the Johnny’s barrier on his own. It’s amazing. Okada was also reportedly telling those around him, ‘Finally, it’s Takahashi Issei’s time.’” (Entertainment industry insider)

With Johnny & Associates disbanded last year due to the sexual misconduct allegations against its founder Johnny Kitagawa, Okada chose not to remain with STARTO ENTERTAINMENT and opted for independence.

“Now that there’s no ‘Johnny’s,’ Takahashi Issei is unmatched. He’s highly sought after for his acting skills and has plenty of offers coming his way. Meanwhile, Okada has established himself as an actor and can do well even without the Johnny’s label. They both graduated from Horikoshi High School, went through twists and turns, and ended up in similar positions, so there must be a deep sense of emotion between them.” (Sports journalist)

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