Number_i ″First overseas performance″ also …… “Difference from K-POP” that stands in the way of global expansion | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Number_i ″First overseas performance″ also …… “Difference from K-POP” that stands in the way of global expansion

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Shiyoh Hirano, Yuta Jinguji, and Yuta Kishi
The world’s largest outdoor festival held in California, U.S.A., drew great cheers. ……

Collaborating with Jackson Wang (center right), who has 33 million Instagram followers. He performed three songs in front of his Japanese fans.

Will the music of this Japanese artist, who has made her global debut only three months after her debut, be accepted around the world?

On April 15 (Japan time), “Number_i” participated in the outdoor festival “Coachella Festival” held in California, USA.

Formed by three former “King & Prince” members, Shoh Hirano (27), Yuta Jinguji (26), and Yuta Kishi (28), the group made a strong debut on New Year’s Day this year. The music video for their debut song, “GOAT,” had more than 10 million views within 3 days of its release, and with their momentum riding high, they took on the challenge of their “first overseas performance.

The band’s popularity in Japan continues to grow, but how did they fare locally?

The special stage on which “Number_i” performed featured many artists with roots in Asia. There were some Japanese fans in the audience holding up fans’ fans’ fans’ fans’ fans’ fans’ fans’ towels, but there was almost no reaction from the local participants. It has only been a short time since their debut, and they are still unknown overseas, so recognition is still in its infancy,” said foreign celebrity writer Sakai Moyuru.

The first overseas performance was not very exciting, but there were some scenes where the audience cheered loudly. ……

The third song, “GOAT,” featured a surprise guest appearance by Jackson Wang (30), a member of the Korean boy group GOT7, and the audience went wild. They all greeted each other at the end. Unlike “Number_i,” who was nervous with his broken English, Jackson spoke fluent English, which was also highly favorable.

Another Korean girl group, “LE SSERAFIM,” performed a 40-minute solo show on the third largest stage at the festival. It was so popular that the audience could not fit in the room. While it was fun for them to perform overseas for the first time, they must have felt the difference from K-pop music.

It will likely take a little more time for “Number_i” to gain global prominence.

Hirano (left), Jinguji (middle), and Kishi (right) of “Number_i,” which debuted on New Year’s Day this year.

From the May 3, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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