Some of them earn millions of yen a month! Why the Rapidly Expanding Market of Amateur Sexy Videos by Doujinshi is Enthusiastically Supported! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Some of them earn millions of yen a month! Why the Rapidly Expanding Market of Amateur Sexy Videos by Doujinshi is Enthusiastically Supported!

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Mr. A (pseudonym) sells two to three sexy photos and two to three short, one-minute sexy videos in one delivery. By doing this once or twice a month, she earns several times the monthly income of a salaried worker.

Even amateurs can now dream of becoming rich through various types of distribution and product sales via YouTube and social networking services. The “way of earning money” has changed dramatically with the progress of the profit model for content distribution via the Internet, the change and acceleration of distribution through the development of e-commerce sites, and the reconfiguration of society following the new COVID-19 crisis.

It has long been said that “adult culture is what popularizes media,” as exemplified by the spread of VCRs, and this movement can be clearly seen in the world of “doujin no sexy videos. Today, even amateurs can earn millions of yen a month in this world. According to Mr. OH, head of the Planning and Development Office of, a major cosplay-oriented doujin porn sales site, “In the adult industry, both regular videos and doujin videos are mainly distributed and sold via the Internet.

Doujin sexy videos are different from so-called adult videos in terms of origin. Adult videos are produced and sold by manufacturers as products. Doujin sexy videos, as the name suggests, are produced by doujin …… individuals or a group of individuals with the same interests. People who like to wear the costumes they like, create the pictures they like, and distribute them as photos or videos. It is easy to understand if you think of it as an adult video version of doujinshi.

It is an extension of what is distributed at Comic Market (commonly known as Comiket) and other Doujin Sokutai, and both the buyers and sellers are amateurs. The videos can be any length and range in price from 500 yen to 10,000 yen. Those who wish to sell sexy videos register the necessary information on specialized sites and submit their works while observing the terms and conditions.”

Mr. OH, head of’s Planning and Development Office. In addition to planning and development, his activities include marketing, direction, and production cooperation.

–What is the system and how much money can you make?

We pay contributors a commission of several tens of percent of the sales amount and number of sales. The rate is determined on a case-by-case basis, but I believe it is several times higher than the rates paid by adult film makers in the traditional sales format. At our site, the top 10-15% of contributors earn several million dollars a month. Those who register on sites other than ours and sell their works at real events and in adult stores earn even more amazing sales.

–Why has the doujin sexy video market grown so large?

There have always been sexy videos of popular cosplayers distributed at Comiket, which is held in summer and winter, and there were girls who made as much as 7 million yen in one day. However, this was only possible because of the huge events and other “venues. This site was launched in 2006. At that time, sales of goods in the real market were larger. However, after the COVID-19 crisis, the shape of product sales changed drastically. It became possible to make money online from the comfort of your own home.

One of the photos that Ako sells. She says it is possible to earn an income without showing one’s face and without excessive eroticism.

Many people lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 crisis. When many people in the sex industry, water business, models, cosplayers, and even general job seekers lost their jobs and wondered how they could earn money, there it was: selling doujin sexy videos on an e-commerce site. And when I tried it, I made more money than I expected. The COVID-19 crisis didn’t allow customers to leave their homes. This gave a tailwind to the proliferation of e-commerce sites, and the culture of buying content on e-commerce sites spread rapidly. People who had previously enjoyed visiting events to sell goods also entered the e-commerce market. The need for online purchases increased. The COVID-19 crisis was behind the growth of the market,” says OH.

The people making doujin sexy videos are “various, including cosplayers and people in the water business, ” according to Mr. OH.

There are people who film secretly while living at home with their families, and there are couples and lovers who film together. There are also many people who have worked hard in the video content production industry before who are now entering the industry. People who have expertise in video production and can adjust to the doujinshi are really strong.

–What kind of equipment is needed for production? Can an amateur do it?

We don’t need a professional camera like the ones used by professionals, and smartphones released within the past few years are sufficient in terms of image quality. An app will provide all the necessary functions. This is just a story for our site, but since the unique atmosphere of doujinshi is preferred, the camera angles should also be amateurish. Even videos shot with a fixed phone and no camera work will sell. In fact, that is the mainstream, and anything that looks professional is out of the line of sales.

Videos featuring just one girl or two girls with their boyfriends or partners are preferred. It is not so much that you need to know the female subject to enter the market. Nowadays in Reiwa, you can find any number of models by searching on social networking sites, and as long as you communicate politely via DM and clarify financial terms and payment methods, you can start shooting right away. Of course, you have to look at their human qualities. It is essential to find children who have acquired social common sense.

The hard part will probably be the mosaic process and creating the thumbnails that will be posted on the site. The mosaic is put in using an application, but it is simply time-consuming. Everyone seems to be struggling to choose the right scene and title for the eye-catching thumbnail. There are commonalities among videos that sell well. I’ll teach you as much as I can about that (laughs).

A commemorative photo taken at Yuruket, an event where girls who sell sexy videos for doujinshi gather. Although most of their sales are online, there is a strong need for real events, and they say that the fan service they provide at these events leads to strong sales.

–What is Reiwa’s selling point?

The main line of sales is that cute girls do naughty things. However, with the strength of doujin media, we can also expect sales of maniacal items if we can get people hooked on them. Recently, the genre of “boys’ girls” (i.e., men’s daughters) has been gaining recognition and popularity, starting from a maniacal standpoint.

People often ask, “Will it sell better if I show my face? but this has nothing to do with it. If you are beautiful and can show your face, it is part of your strategy to push your face out, but it does not matter if you have a big bust, nice-shaped hips, are fat, or hairy. If you have some strengths, you will sell better if you emphasize those strengths.

The other thing is how to sell. The key is to show a little bit of your video on social networking sites, reply to it, and promote it. It is important to communicate frequently with fans, actively participate in events, and provide fan service. Also, for us, it’s about identifying cosplay that sells. We can’t sell cosplay without thinking, “This work is popular, so let’s use this cosplay” (laughs).

In order to keep sales going for a long time, it is also important to observe morals and the law in order to make steady sales. Violations of the law are easily discovered, reported, and punished, and the new AV law must also be observed. It is easy to get distracted when you suddenly receive a large sum of money, but you must report it to the tax office and pay the proper taxes. In the long run, working with sites and staff that comply with the law will lead to stability in the future.

–What do you think will happen to doujin sexy videos in the future?

I think that fan sites will become more popular, where they will collect monthly membership fees to keep users in the fold. We are thinking of starting one soon. We are beginning to sell to people in Southeast Asia, Thailand, and Singapore, so I expect the market will continue to expand.

We would like to have newcomers as contributors. I don’t care if they are girls …… or boys who gather at places like Tokyo’s Toyoko or Osaka’s Grishita and engage in papa activities (laughs), every time I see news about them, I think that making money from doujinshi videos is much safer than being swallowed up in the darkness of society while being scared of diseases and other risks. I think it would be much safer and more profitable to make money from doujinshi videos than to be swallowed up by the darkness of society while being afraid of the risks of disease, etc.

The shape of society, the market, and the people involved in it are changing drastically without our noticing. Learning about this new form of culture will help us survive in the future.

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    Miyu Kurusu is a freelance writer. Her main areas of expertise are humanities, social issues, and subcultures, and she is active in reporting and writing articles for magazines, newspapers, the Internet, and other media. She is the author of numerous books.

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