Dream of Chanyota, a sexy actress who is a former police officer & current professional wrestler and a hot topic: “I want to teach muscle training to toyoko kids”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Dream of Chanyota, a sexy actress who is a former police officer & current professional wrestler and a hot topic: “I want to teach muscle training to toyoko kids”.

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Former police officer Chanyota is now a sexy actress and a professional wrestler

Chanyota, 28, is a former police officer who became a hot topic when she debuted as an adult film actress. In recent years, she has also been active as a pro-wrestler belonging to the pro-wrestling organization “P.P.P. TOKYO. (All statements in parentheses are made by Ms. Chanyota.)

I got into porn because I was a fan of Mana Sakura, a sexy actress. I was curious to see what would happen if I entered the same industry.

Before becoming a police officer, she was a science student at a technical college. I wanted to do scientific experiments like shaking a flask,” he said, aiming to become a researcher.

I was working part-time at a convenience store while I was job hunting. At that time, I was the victim of a stalker by a customer. When I saw the police officer who was involved in the case, I decided that I wanted to become a police officer too, and at the age of 21, upon graduation, I enrolled in the police academy.

During her time at the academy, she wore jerseys and skirts only for ceremonies.

I usually lived in a dormitory and could only go out on weekends, and the school was very strict. And there was a rule against romance, so if a man and a woman got along, they would be penalized.”

After graduating from the rigorous police academy, he was assigned to work at a police box. However, his naturally serious character took its toll on him, and he was driven into a mental corner.

When I was a student, I was first in the marathon and excelled in sports and grades, but when it came to practical work, there were many things I couldn’t do. But when it came to practical work, there were many things I couldn’t do. When I tried to write a traffic ticket, I had my driver’s license thrown at me. …… When I tried to write a traffic ticket, they threw my driver’s license at me. Then, one of my outstanding classmates committed suicide by shooting himself. I lost confidence in myself to continue as a police officer when I saw the death of a child who was looked up to even by the instructors. …… I called my mother at 3 a.m. and told her that I might not be able to do it anymore, so I took a leave of absence and resigned.

It is hard to imagine how healthy he looks now, but after resigning, he spent some time doing nothing. When his health recovered, he found a job at a science-related company, which had been his initial dream.

When I actually tried a science-related job, I thought it wasn’t quite right (laughs). (Laughs.) Then I realized once again that I really like being physically active. I decided that I wanted to make muscle training my career, so I started studying to become a certified trainer while working at a small personal gym.

He says, “I enjoyed seeing the results of my hard work.” His efforts paid off, and he began working as a trainer, but then the COVID-19 crisis struck.

The gym had to close, and I panicked, saying, “If I just work as a trainer, I won’t be able to make a living. That’s when the idea of working as a sexy actress came to me, something I had been interested in for a long time. I thought that if women in the sex industry wanted to do muscle training, I would be more persuasive in teaching them if I had also been an actress.

Chan-Yota-san showing an innocent expression

The adult film industry can be said to be saturated. According to one theory, as many as 2,000 actresses debut in the industry each month. What should one do to survive in this industry?

I am not extremely cute, nor do I have a good style. But I have to make some kind of impact at the interview to be remembered. I was good at making PowerPoint presentations when I was a student, so I put together a PR document and brought it to the interview.

She made a spectacular debut with SOD Create. She immediately appeared in the media in such programs as “Chisuketa Tarou: Star’s Recent Situation (Secret) Report” (TV Tokyo) and “Salary Schedule” (ABEMA).

After my debut, I was afraid of anti-competitive comments and felt a lot of pressure,” she said. But if I remember my days as a police officer, I had to carry the organs of corpses during “autopsy” investigations. I thought to myself, “What could be more painful than carrying organs?

In addition to being a sexy actress, Chanyota is also a professional wrestler. What led her to debut with “P.P.P. TOKYO,” a professional wrestling organization headed by wrestler Katsusho Mitomi, a graduate of Keio University and a Hakuhodo graduate?

Mr. Mitomi asked me, “If you are doing muscle training while working in the public eye, why don’t you try wrestling? I had never seen professional wrestling before, but when I actually watched a match, I thought it was really cool! It wasn’t so much that I wanted to make my debut, but rather that I wanted to participate in the training.

(I was the one who wanted to make my debut.) “I made use of my athletic ability, and I have been in the ring for “Stardom” and “BreakingDown,” which became a hot topic when Huwa-chan participated in the event.

Thanks to that, I got a lot of offers to do adult videos. Then I was doing 9 porn shoots a month, YouTube video distribution, and wrestling practice (……), and I didn’t have time for muscle training, which is the most important thing (laughs).

(Ibid.) On the filming site, the long hours sometimes started in the morning and lasted until after the date had changed. I wondered if he was in good physical condition after such a long day.

I think filming is hard work. My back ached and my legs were sore. Also, I tend to compare myself with others, so my self-esteem went down a lot. …… I was working too hard, so I decided to take some time off.

She had been on a several-month hiatus from porn and wrestling since May of last year. We asked her about her goals after her return.

As a wrestler, I want to win a belt! I have announced my challenge for the tag team belts of Stardom’s NEW BLOOD, so I want to do my best. When I first started doing porn, my goal was to become a porn star who would be recognized as a “physical actress,” and be able to appeal to all porn fans. (a major website that deals with adult videos and other media) has a ranking of actresses every year, and I had always been unranked. But in the 2011 ranking, I was ranked 180th for the first time. I was thrilled that this ranking was the result of all the work I had done up to that point. So I still don’t know what my future goals are in terms of AV,” she said.

Finally, I asked her about the effects of muscle training.

I asked her about the effects of muscle training. “You don’t see girls called ‘tohyoko kids’ who are very muscular (laughs). I recommend muscle training for those who are mensch-like. Moderate muscle training should definitely be good for your mental health! I am sure it will be good for your mental health!

Says she loved studying when she was a student.
She was fascinated by Mana Sakura, a sexy actress, and opened the door to becoming a sexy actress.
She sometimes watches the works of other sexy actresses she knows.
  • Interview and text Zene Ikemori PHOTO Takero Yui

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