SMILE-UP. Offers 10-15 Million Yen Compensation Despite Ishimaru’s Lost Earnings Claim | FRIDAY DIGITAL

SMILE-UP. Offers 10-15 Million Yen Compensation Despite Ishimaru’s Lost Earnings Claim

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Shimon Ishimaru interviewed by the press

On February 8, Shimon Ishimaru, vice president of the “Association of Parties Concerned with Johnny’s Sexual Assault,” met with the press to report on his meeting with the Victims’ Relief Committee established by “SMILE-UP.” (former Johnny’s Office).

In the meeting, he explained the circumstances of his joining Johnny’s, the details of the sexual damage caused by the late Mr. Kitagawa, and the duration of the damage. He also presented his own calculation of “lost earnings (earnings that could have been earned if he had not been harmed). The company also requested that this be included in the amount of compensation. He also said that the company would present Mr. Ishimaru with the amount of compensation at a later date.

Ishimaru joined Johnny’s at the age of 14. He was a junior dancer for three years, including a stint as a back-up dancer for a boy band. During that time, he was sexually assaulted nearly 100 times, and after leaving the office, he developed depression that interfered with his daily life,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

When Mr. Ishimaru finally arrived at the interview table, he had a difficult decision to make.

Last September, the association demanded that SMILE-UP. establish a fund and allocate 3% of its annual sales to help the victims. Furthermore, in a meeting with the former Johnny’s office last October, Representative Junya Hiramoto and Mr. Ishimaru asked President Noriyuki Higashiyama to include them in SMILE-UP.

In the process, Mr. Ishimaru said, “I’m only in it for the money,” which led to a string of withdrawals from the association, and the association became a mere skeleton. Furthermore, at the end of last month, Representative Hiramoto also announced his resignation and withdrawal from the association due to poor health, and although he had been waiting for a reaction from SMILE-UP.

(Sports newspaper reporter) In fact, compensation was steadily proceeding during this period.

According to one of the applicants, he was offered 10 million yen in compensation by e-mail after the interview. However, the basis for the calculation was not disclosed. Another former junior applicant said,

Another former junior applicant said, “I know a few people, and the most I’ve heard from is 15 million yen. The largest number I knew was 15 million yen. I filed an objection because there was a gap between the amount I was offered and the one I was given. Then they asked me to submit additional damage information. It is a painful process to recall the damage, but it may not be an option. Overall, I have the impression that they are taking good care of me.”

He gave a certain evaluation. One of the victims who met with President Higashiyama said, “President Higashiyama himself said, ‘I am very sorry,

President Higashiyama himself apologized and said, ‘I’m very sorry,’ and asked us to tell him if we had anything we wanted to say.

SMILE-UP. will be posted on its official website on January 31,

On January 31, SMILE-UP. reported on its official website that “As of now, 948 people have applied to the compensation desk, of which 190 people have agreed to receive compensation and 170 people have been paid.

The report said, “The calculation criteria have not been clarified, but it is quite clear.

Although the calculation criteria have not been disclosed, it can be said that the compensation is quite generous. We have already paid 170 people, and it is unlikely that the calculation criteria will be changed in the future. It may be difficult for Mr. Ishimaru to receive the lost earnings he is requesting.

The association of the parties has requested regular meetings with President Higashiyama, but this has not been possible since October of last year.

Mr. Ishimaru told the press,

The road to this point has been very hard and long. I was listened to very carefully, but I had the impression that the amount of money I wanted to receive was not enough. I hope that the committee will be more flexible and sympathetic to the feelings of the victims, as a committee to help them, rather than a committee to compensate them.

How will SMILE-UP. respond to Mr. Ishimaru’s request? How will SMILE-UP. respond to Mr. Ishimaru’s request?

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