Masanori Hamada’s proposed replacement for “Matsumo to Nakai” may not be realized… “Deep reasons” other than “disagreement with Fuji”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Masanori Hamada’s proposed replacement for “Matsumo to Nakai” may not be realized… “Deep reasons” other than “disagreement with Fuji”.

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Will Hamada really fill in for Matsumoto?

After the broadcasts of the programs recorded by various TV stations, Hitoshi Matsumoto of the comedy duo “Downtown” has completely disappeared from TV.

His partner, Masanori Hamada, is now the only one who regularly appears on “Downtown DX” (NTV), “Wednesday Night Downtown” (TBS), and other programs in which the duo appears together.

In the case of Fuji Television, Matsumoto had many regulars as a pin. In the case of Fuji Television, Matsumoto had a number of regulars on his own, including Bakarhythm as a stand-in for “IPPON Grand Prix,” and Daigo from Chidori as a stand-in for “Hitoshi Matsumoto no sake no tsumami ni naru hanashi. Matsumoto to Nakai”, in which Matsumoto and Masahiro Nakai served as MCs, changed its name to “Dareka to Nakai”. Kazuya Ninomiya was installed as the substitute MC. However, at Fuji Television’s regular press conference, President Koichi Minato spoke about the future of the program,

“There is a possibility that it will rotate.

However, the future of the show is still uncertain, as President Koichi Minato suggested at a regular press conference that “there is a possibility that the MC will rotate. While various names have been raised as candidates for the replacement MC position, his partner Hamada’s name has also surfaced,

Hamada’s relationship with Fuji Television over the past few years has not been a good one,” said a person involved with the production company.

“In the past few years, Hamada’s relationship with Fuji Television has not been good,” said a source at a production company.

The trigger was a direct call to Mr. Hamada at the “FNS Rough & Music – Festival of Songs and Laughs” broadcast in 2010. Mr. Matsumoto and the other MCs called him from their phones and offered to appear on the show! Live Booking,” in which Matsumoto and the other MCs would call in from their own phones and offer to appear on the show, the production side became dishonest and offended Hamada. The program aired for two consecutive nights, and on the first night, in order to book a guest for the next day, Mr. Matsumoto called Mr. Hamada directly and asked him to appear.

Mr. Hamada answered the phone and got excited, but he never rushed to the studio. The production side may have wanted a happening exchange for the live booking, but Mr. Hamada was not satisfied with the lack of prior explanation. The production side was scared that Mr. Hamada was angry, and their apology was delayed, which further infuriated him.

Hamada’s distrust of Fuji Television seemed to be considerable, and the following year, when “FNS 27 Hour TV” was broadcast, Downtown and other members of the legendary variety show “Downtown no Gottsu-eki” including Koji Imada and Koji Higashino gathered together, but Hamada was absent. Hamada is said to have a deep-rooted distrust of Fuji Television because of this, but is there really any chance that he would accept an offer to fill in for him?

In his radio program “Gobugobu Radio,” Hamada said, “There is no one to replace him, so until he comes back, I will do my best to do what I can. For Mr. Matsumoto’s sake, he would easily repair his relationship with Fuji Television.

However, I think what Mr. Hamada is saying is that he means ‘protecting Downtown,’ and not that he will do Mr. Matsumoto’s crown show in his place. I can’t take over his show while he’s gone,” he said. I don’t think Hamada would take over as MC, even as a stand-in.

A Fuji Television official added, “Considering Hamada-san’s character, I don’t think he would take over as MC,

A Fuji Television official also said, “Considering Mr. Hamada’s personality, it is hard to imagine Mr. Matsumoto taking over as a stand-in for a pin TV show.

(comedy insider). Furthermore,

“Even if Fuji Television were to offer Mr. Hamada an opportunity to appear on ‘Dareka to Nakai,’ it would only be as a guest, and it is unlikely that they would offer him the role of MC.”

It would be interesting to see Hamada and Masahiro Nakai side by side as MCs, but it seems highly unlikely.

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