Fujimon has a new boyfriend! Ex-wife Yukina Kinoshita talks about her second marriage to her professional soccer player boyfriend. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fujimon has a new boyfriend! Ex-wife Yukina Kinoshita talks about her second marriage to her professional soccer player boyfriend.

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On August 25, this magazine “FRIDAY” reported “FUJIWARA’s” Toshifumi Fujimoto (52) on a date at home with his new girlfriend.

Fujimoto has found a new love, but now lives a stone’s throw away from the apartment where his ex-wife, Yukina Kinoshita (35), and their children live. They also still interact with each other as a family even after the dissolution of their marital relationship, such as attending their eldest daughter’s birthday party on August 6.

Fujimon divorced Yukina Kinoshita (35) on New Year’s Eve of ’19. In the three and a half years since then, he has spoken out about his love life, saying, “When you get divorced, there is nothing to do on New Year’s Day,” revealing how lonely he has been!

In late August, this magazine directly interviewed Yookina, who was walking her dog with professional soccer player and boyfriend Hidetoshi Sanko (30). We asked her about her true feelings about the revelation of Fujimon’s new girlfriend.

–Good evening, this is FRIDAY. Did you hear from Mr. Fujimoto that there is such a person this time?

No, I didn’t. But I had a hunch! But I guess I had a vague hunch (laughs).

While talking to the reporter, Yukkina occasionally looked at her boyfriend, Sanko. When she and Fujimon were a married couple, they had so many differences that there were times when they did not even have time to talk. However, since the dissolution of their marital relationship, they seem to have found a sense of distance just between the two of them.

–What do you think (about the discovery of their relationship), Mr. Kinoshita?

I don’t think it’s anything. We are not a couple anymore. We’re doing well together. So, not at all. I think it’s better for (Fujimon) to have (a girlfriend) and be with her, emotionally.

–What was your children’s reaction?

What was your children’s reaction? “My children said, ‘Even if Dad has a girlfriend, Dad is still Dad, and Mom is still Mom. My children seem to think, “Even if Dad has a girlfriend, Dad is still Dad and Mom is still Mom, and Miyu-tan (Miyuki) is still Mom’s precious person.

After all, since Fujimon and his wife have been together for a long time, Miyu-tan has ‘Toshifumi Fujimoto,’ and (Fujimon’s new girlfriend) has ‘Yukina Kinoshita. I feel sorry for her because of the image that comes with it, but don’t worry about it. (Please take good care of (Fujimon)! (Laughs)”

–As for Mr. Kinoshita, he intends to be supportive.

‘If only we could apply what we have learned from our married life, including what we have learned from each other, to him and her now. To live with others, it is important to give in and be considerate of each other. If we can reflect on this and apply what we have learned in our married life to each other in separate places, ……”

Yucchina, who was in a good mood from start to finish, as if she is very happy with her life with Mr. Sanko, also revealed about her own remarriage as follows.

Yucchina responded to the magazine’s direct interview with a smile. She also looked lovingly at Sanko, who was holding his beloved poodle.

–Mr. Kinoshita, you seem to be very happy.

I’ll do my best (laughs).

–Are you and Miyuki getting married again soon?

We even call ourselves the “step family. People always ask us if we are going to remarry, but we have a daughter. I hope we don’t get hung up on paper or formalities like that.

She said this and left with Sanko with a smile on her face.

Yucchina responded to the news using Instagram’s story function, saying, “Daa’s new love photo is hilarious. Some say that this may be Fujimon’s mount against his current girlfriend, but the man himself seemed busy enjoying his handsome life with his children and player Sanko.

Although they are still parents of children, both Fujimon and Yukina have found new partners and seem to have gone their separate ways in earnest.

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