Nakayama Hideyuki saved Rina Sasazaki, who married Yuichi Nakamaru, by “treating her like a father” and his “pleasant meddling” in the industry. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nakayama Hideyuki saved Rina Sasazaki, who married Yuichi Nakamaru, by “treating her like a father” and his “pleasant meddling” in the industry.

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Hideyuki Nakayama is highly reevaluated not only as an MC but also as a TV personality

On January 16, Yuichi Nakamaru of “KAT-TUN” announced on his official website that he had married Rina Sasazaki, a former NTV announcer. The person who was more delighted than anyone else at this announcement was Hideyuki Nakayama.

I’m so happy, I’m really happy. I look forward to the two of them nurturing their love and becoming a wonderful couple.

Nakayama made the comment through his agency. He sent his words to the couple, who made the goal after co-hosting “Shuichi” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), for which he serves as MC. Nakayama’s stock is said to be exploding.

Speaking of Nakayama, he has been the MC of many Nippon TV programs, including “DAISUKI!” with Akiko Matsumoto and Naoko Iijima, “TV Ojamanbo,” a promotional program that aired when Nippon TV’s ratings were soaring, as well as “THE Yoru mo Hippare” and “Omoikkiri DON!

Hide-san (Nakayama’s nickname) had an old-fashioned “the industry man” attitude. He often held launches and was skilled at organizing the performers and staff. During the show, when he found a newcomer or an inconspicuous performer, he would give them a nickname or make a funny comment, and he loved to “meddle in the fun. In this way, he tried to make me fit in with the program.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Hide brought the two together, but I can say that his efforts to create an at-home atmosphere had a positive effect. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he brought the two together, but I’m sure that his at-home atmosphere had a positive effect.

Speaking of Sasazaki, in May 2002, NTV rescinded its offer to him because of his part-time job experience at a club in Ginza, Tokyo. In November 2002, he filed a lawsuit against NTV in the Tokyo District Court, seeking confirmation of his status under the labor contract. In January 2003, the Tokyo District Court recommended a settlement, and both parties reached a settlement, and he was able to join NTV in April 2003.

From the training stage, I was treated like a tumor at the station, and even in my third year, I had no major work in prime time. Viewers repeatedly asked the station, ‘Are you being hung out to dry? The station received numerous inquiries from viewers asking if they were being “hung out to dry. She is actually quite serious, the complete opposite of the “flamboyant” image that the public had of her. He is not very good at socializing with others.

She is not very good at asserting herself, and there was a time when she worried that she might end up like this. Mr. Nakayama often spoke to her as if he were her father, caring for her. In fact, Mr. Nakayama also had a period of stagnation, and I think he is very attentive to those around him because of that experience.

Around 2010, his “industry-oriented” behavior and atmosphere began to be criticized as “old-fashioned, like the bubble era,” and the programs on which he served as MC began to stagnate. His TV appearances began to dwindle. It is said that Yuichi Kimura, a.k.a. “Brother Kim,” followed Nakayama’s lead.

Kimura said, “The public’s view of Nakayama changed dramatically when Kimura chose Hide as his interlocutor and praised Hide’s kind personality and his character of trying to entertain people in various places.

(Director in charge of variety TV programs) Currently, his only terrestrial TV show as an MC is “Shuichi,” but he is sought after as “the perfect character to liven up the show” (aforementioned director). On January 26, Sasazaki updated her Instagram Stories and announced that she would continue her entertainment activities on a freelance basis.

She said, “If I were to continue my entertainment career, even if not at full capacity, I would most likely start at my old home, Nippon TV. Nakayama is a strong ally there. Of course, Nakamaru’s position at “Shuichi” is also secure. I think the couple will have many more opportunities to be of service to him in the future.

Nakayama’s personality is once again highly regarded, and his reputation not only as an MC but also as a TV personality is exploding. The day when he will be given a prime-time MC slot may soon be near.

Yuichi Nakamaru (’20, April 17 issue), who has had few rumors of a love affair until now.
Rina Sasazaki when she was a rookie female announcer and her classmate Risa Ozaki (August 7, ’15 issue)
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