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Ijuin Hikaru: “Report on alleged power harassment” swallows up even the king of radio

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It’s no exaggeration to say that Ijuin is the “king” of TBS Radio. He has denied a series of “power harassment” allegations (Photo: Motoo Naka/Afro)

Once the cracks appeared, could they not be repaired?

Hikaru Ijuin was reported by Josei Seven for “alleged power harassment”. Perhaps because of this, the TBS radio program “Ijuin Hikaru Tojioto” (Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m.) is in the process of being terminated next spring, according to a report on …… and some sports papers.

According to the article, Ijuin was often harsh in his criticism of his Monday assistant, freelance announcer Maki Arai.

“During a broadcast in August, Ijuin once said, “You’re on the verge of being dropped from the show!

In August, he even said, “You’re on the verge of being dropped! Perhaps Arai’s tension had reached its peak, and she left the program on September 20. Ijuin himself has denied the allegations of “power harassment”.

For TBS Radio, Ijuin is truly the “king of radio. With the end of “Osawa Yuuri no Yuyu Wide,” a long-running program that ran for 30 years, Ijuin began “Ijuin Hikaru: Torajio” in April 2004, carrying the expectations of the station. Ijuin Hikaru started “Torajio” in April 2004.

“Even after the series of reports, it was thought in the industry that Ijuin’s “system” was solid, but now we hear that the wind has changed…” (radio insider)

Ijuin’s office was concerned not only about the truth of the power harassment, but also about the fact that such a report came out. They suspected an internal leak.

“It is said that Ijuin’s office suspected that there was an internal leak and pressed TBS Radio to take action.

(the same radio source).

On the other hand, it is an undeniable fact that Anna Arai was sick. Even if Ijuin had no intention to do so, if she, the recipient, was mentally overwhelmed, there were some people in the station who protested, saying, “Why should we be blamed?

“Ijuin’s “love for radio” is real. He read through postcards from listeners and thought about how to make the show more interesting every day. On the other hand, he was sometimes arrogant to the staff below him. Perhaps he felt frustrated that his idea of ‘funny’ was not being conveyed.

said an entertainment industry insider who knew Ijuin. Another important factor was that Arai, who had graduated from the program, was “well-liked” by TBS. She left the station in October 2010. She left TBS in October 2010, not because of any trouble, but because she was looked up to by the top management even after she left TBS.

“The TV and radio stations are working to eradicate harassment, and a network has been set up across the network to take action if something goes wrong. This time, rather than TBS Radio, TBS, the “old home” of Anna Arai, may have taken the situation seriously. Times have changed, and if there is a report of harassment, no matter how successful, the first thing to do is to conduct a “physical examination. The world has become such a place where compliance is a must.

It seems that the “emperor” is no exception to this rule. I’m sure the fans will be hoping that they can get through the new season without any problems…

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