Daigo’s denim fiddling and criticism of Nobu’s bag fiddling… Why Chidori “can’t be Downtown at this rate”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Daigo’s denim fiddling and criticism of Nobu’s bag fiddling… Why Chidori “can’t be Downtown at this rate”?

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Daigo, who has been criticized for his vulgar denim teasing, still has no reaction

On the May 4 broadcast of “TV Chidori” (TV Asahi), Daigo (43) of “Chidori” caused an uproar with his words. The incident started when two members of Chidori visited a select store to look for Daigo’s personal clothing as part of the program’s project, and Daigo tried on a pair of denims with zippers from the hem to the waist on the front of both legs,

Daigo tried on a pair of denim shorts with zippers from the hem to the waist on the front of each leg.

Daigo tried on a pair of denim jeans with zippers at the front of both legs and at the waist.

In the April 20 episode, they filmed in a shopping district in Arakawa Ward, and Daigo asked Nobu, “Would you like to buy a small black bag for your wife? Nobu then asked him if he would like a small black bag for his wife, to which Daigo replied, “A dog shit bag! This caused a small firestorm on the Internet. However, since the show’s main point is that Chidori goes on location with a “junior-high-school-level” bad attitude, he was probably aiming for the very edge of being banned and left it up to the production to decide whether or not to broadcast the show. (Variety program production staff member)

At first, Daigo’s “pervert” comment was met with some petty criticism on the Internet, but not enough to cause a firestorm. However, the flow of events changed drastically when the denim designer protested on SNS. TV Asahi issued an apology. However, the two Chidori members, as usual, did not react at all. A person from the entertainment agency complained as follows.

One of the entertainment agency representatives complained, “I think some sort of statement, if not an apology, should have been made. Certainly, the production side is more responsible for what is said in the program than the person himself, and sponsors are also involved, so an apology cannot be made at his own discretion. However, such industry rules have nothing to do with viewers. That is why I think it is up to the comedian from that point forward.

For example, “Audrey” Toshiaki Kasuga’s “falling penguin pond” fiasco and “Aiseki Start” Hiroshi Yamazoe’s “Korea location” fiasco exposed the two comedians to major criticism, and they subsequently came under fire for “not apologizing on TV. However, public opinion changed when it was reported that Kasuga visited the zoo to apologize on his own initiative. Kasuga’s response was supported by many people.

In the case of Chidori, Daigo has been reported twice in the past for adultery. Even though he has implicitly admitted to it, rather than being flamed, viewers have dismissed it as ‘typical Daigo. The current turmoil is also being put away on social networking sites as ‘it’s just like him. That may have been fine in the past, but it will not be so in the future.

A TV station executive in charge of variety shows said as much.

“I don’t think Chidori is aware enough that they have become a national celebrity. Having a number of shows under your belt means that you have a great deal of influence. Chidori has even been called the “next generation of Downtown. In the case of Downtown, even when Masanori Hamada hits a guest on the head, Hitoshi Matsumoto follows up with a firm response. Whenever a problem arises, he calms it down by continuing to tease and speak on behalf of the public. That kind of competence is still lacking in Chidori. At this rate, he will never be able to become a Downtowner. In the past, even adultery was tolerated, but that will not be the case from now on. I think this petit flare-up is a good opportunity. I hope they realize this before it becomes a big deal.”

It is fair to say that Chidori has already made his big break. However, he may need to take one more big step to become a “national celebrity.

The decisive moment of taking home a beautiful woman! On the left is Kenshi Murakami of “Fruit Punch” (Dec. 30, ’16 issue).
Daigo answers a customer’s photo request before taking home a beautiful woman (Dec. 30, 2004 issue).
The decisive moment of taking home a beautiful woman! On the right is Kenshi Murakami of “Fruits Punch” (December 30, 2004 issue).
Even Nobu had no reaction to this.
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