In 2012, she gulped down whiskey with gusto! Daring in a skirt…Yue Takeuchi, Anna “Celebrating the birth of her second child”, a beautiful picture of her true face. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

In 2012, she gulped down whiskey with gusto! Daring in a skirt…Yue Takeuchi, Anna “Celebrating the birth of her second child”, a beautiful picture of her true face.

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In May ’19, Anna Takeuchi smiled in surprise at the magazine’s “Congratulatory Marriage Direct Hit”.

Everything is so cute and lovely. I am filled with a sobering thought that I now have one more person to protect.

On August 15, former TV Asahi announcer Takeuchi Yue (37) updated her Instagram page and reported the birth of her second child. Takeuchi married a doctor of the same age in March ’19. When “FRIDAY” directly contacted her to congratulate her immediately afterwards, she was surprised but showed a joyful smile (photo at top).

Takeuchi and the doctor started dating around August of 2006. They met through a friend’s introduction, hit it off, and soon developed a romantic relationship. From the beginning of their relationship, Takeuchi said, ‘This is the one! and she was conscious of the possibility of marriage. She must have been very happy, because after the announcement of their marriage, whenever Mr. Takeuchi was asked to congratulate her, she would say, “Oh no,” and show a bashful look on her face.

This magazine has been keeping an eye on Takeuchi since her student days when she won the “Miss Keio” Grand Prix. We have been watching Takeuchi’s appearance at her school reunion, her appearance at work in a daring skirt, and her bold gulping of whisky ……. We would like to introduce Takeuchi’s charms with these treasured photos.

A three-hour party with Tamori and others

It was in October 2012 that I witnessed Takeuchi’s boisterous drinking spree.

The place was a bar in Shibuya, Tokyo. She was accompanied by Tamori, a TV personality, and a man who appeared to be related to the industry. They were probably at a light launch party for TV Asahi’s “Music Station,” which they were co-starring in at the time. Takeuchi’s cheeks were slightly flushed from alcohol, and she was showing a flirtatious reaction to Tamori’s witty jokes, covering her face with her hands and smiling and making fun of him.

She was smiling and giving a good impression of the conversation, saying, “Men are creatures that need to vent when they have a lot on their plate. When a man offered her a glass of whiskey, she gulped it down without flinching! I remember that the drinking session went on until after 1 am,” said a customer who was present.

Takeuchi politely greeted his acquaintances who happened to be in the restaurant and left. Even when drunk, her good-natured personality remained unchanged.

It was a hot and humid night in July 2002 when I spotted her walking in an upscale residential area. Her legs were dazzling through her shorts. Late at night, she went to …….

She went to a high-rise apartment building where a man she was dating at the time, who worked for a major advertising agency, lived. He was a sportsman who played for a soccer club team. Takeuchi went there five days a week at the most. She was often seen going shopping at a convenience store from his apartment, as if she had become accustomed to his presence.

Takeuchi also had affairs with other professional baseball players. In the end, she chose a doctor of the same age as her husband. She is blessed with a second child. We wish her a long and happy life!

September ’16. Anna Takeuchi wearing a bold skirt to work.
September ’16. Anna Takeuchi wearing a bold skirt to work.
September ’16. In a white dress. ……
September ’16. Her skirt flips up in the wind, exposing her thighs.
July ’14. She went to the apartment of her boyfriend at the time.
July ’14. She enters her then boyfriend’s apartment with a familiar look on her face.
October ’12. Gulps down a glass of whiskey at the launch party with Tamori and others!
October 2012. Having a good time at a bar with Tamori and others.
At the final judging of the “Miss Keio” contest held in November 2006.
November ’06. Picking up a loan after the Miss Contest.
Before the “Waseda-Keio” six university baseball game held at Jingu Stadium in October ’07.
Before the Waseda-Keio game, a six-university baseball game held at Jingu Stadium in October ’07.
June ’14. A big party at the reunion of his high school.
January ’16. A somber look on his face after a live broadcast at a coffee chain.
In May 2007, Anna Takeuchi was surprised by the magazine’s “direct hit on her celebrated marriage” and smiled.
In May ’19, Takeuchi Anna was surprised by the magazine’s “Congratulatory Marriage Direct Hit” and showed a smile.
  • PHOTO Takahiro Kagawa, Takeshi Kinugawa, Hiroyuki Komatsu, Ichiro Takatsuka, Shu Nishihara

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