TV Asahi Announces Pregnancy of First Child! Husband of “venture company president with assets of 1.7 billion yen” and “timing of independence” that has been hastened. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

TV Asahi Announces Pregnancy of First Child! Husband of “venture company president with assets of 1.7 billion yen” and “timing of independence” that has been hastened.

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In late February, attended the completion report meeting of the movie “Doraemon

I will be taking maternity leave in the fall for the birth of my first child. I am anxious and worried about taking a break from work, which has been the center of my life, but I hope to spend my time in good health first.

On May 31, TV Asahi announcer Ayaka Hironaka (32) updated her Instagram page and reported that she is pregnant with her first child. Following the opening words,

I will do my best until I go on vacation, so please accept my best regards.”

and a message saying, “I will do my best until I go on vacation. Hironaka is the MC of “I brought Gekirea-san. He posted a picture of himself smiling and making a peace sign on the set of “Geki Rare-san wo Bukitaite” (I brought you Geki Rare-san.) Anna Hironaka surprised the public last September by suddenly announcing her marriage to Shogo Okada, 32, the president of Bloglit Inc.

Her husband Okada is an up-and-coming young businessman who founded an English coaching service company in ’16 and achieved sales of 1.7 billion yen in three years. The company was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on September 29 of last year, and the combined assets of herself and her asset management company are said to be worth approximately 1.7 billion yen.

He is so passionate that he says in private, “My dream is to eliminate people who cannot speak English. I remember he used to bring his PC to the counter of a bar and work while drinking. One day, a famous athlete expressed his desire to study English, so I suggested that Okada-san’s company sponsor him. I suggested that Okada-san’s company should sponsor him. Then he said, ‘That sounds great! and he immediately approached me. He is a man of action and never lies in his words. He has ambition but no evil intentions.

Speaking of Hironaka, there have been whispers for some time about his “independence. She has been active in TV Asahi’s variety shows as an ace announcer,

She has been with the company for 10 years and is approaching the middle of her career. Now that I am married, I am in a position where I can no longer continue only as an MC for variety shows. That said, she has not read the news in earnest up until now, so her announcing skills are not exactly advanced. However, the reason she has rarely done news is because the station’s upper management wanted her to concentrate on variety shows since she joined the company, but this has now become a hindrance. If she continues to age and is removed from variety shows, there is a possibility that she will lose her place within the company. On the other hand, if she goes freelance, the story is completely different. If she is Hironaka, she will be able to get a contract equal to that of Ayako Kato (38),” said a source in the entertainment industry.

(A source in the entertainment industry), who is giving the green light for Hironaka to go freelance. However, Hironaka has just been appointed MC of a new program, “Neighbor Bravo-sama: Gohobi☆Peek-a-boo Variety,” which will start airing in April. Even if she does go independent, it was expected to be next spring at the earliest,

However, “If she goes on maternity leave in the fall, she will be absent from “Neighbor Bravo-sama” for almost a year at the earliest. Yurika Mita, who left Fuji Television Network in March of this year, is a 36 ) left less than half a year after announcing her pregnancy. It is quite possible that Hironaka will leave earlier.

What will be Hironaka’s move? But for now, as she said in her comment, she should “put her health first.

Attending the completion debriefing for the movie “Doraemon” in late February
Announcer Hironaka walking the streets of Roppongi (’22, Oct. 21 issue)
Announcer Hironaka was interviewed directly by this magazine in 2008. She answered the questions in a relaxed manner and with a smile from beginning to end, which made the journalists of this magazine feel relieved! (October 21, 2010 issue)
Announcer Hironaka at the Mouri Garden for a photo shoot (November 5, 2009 issue).
Announcer Hironaka at the Mouri Garden for a photo shoot (November 5, ’21 issue)
A photo of Hironaka reporting her pregnancy (from @hironaka_ayaka’s insta)
From Announcer Hironaka’s Insta @hironaka_ayaka
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