Kyoko Hasegawa, who is in love with a younger man, has made a decision as a woman. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kyoko Hasegawa, who is in love with a younger man, has made a decision as a woman.

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Hasegawa talking on his cell phone while waiting at a traffic light, perhaps meeting someone (September 2009).

[Joon] I’m 45 years old, and it’s not so bad when you get to be. I mean, it might even be fun (although I’ve only been at this age for a few days).

On July 25, Kyoko Hasegawa took to Instagram to share her feelings on her 45th birthday on July 22. The image shows her smiling with a w-piece in front of a birthday cake. The comments section was filled with congratulations for her ever-beautiful and gorgeous figure.

Hasegawa’s ability to shine at any age is probably due in part to the fulfillment of her personal life. Just a few days ago, on the 19th, “Josei Seven” reported on the relationship between Hasegawa and a restaurant owner six years her junior.

The article reported, “Dinner at an ultra-luxury restaurant in Tokyo, which is limited to one couple a day and charges 100,000 yen per customer, and a passionate kiss in the car. He and his partner met two years ago, and Hasegawa made a strong attack on him, leading to a serious relationship.

When we later confirmed the fact of their relationship, Hasegawa himself said, “We are dating. My partner is an ordinary person, so I hope you will keep a warm eye on him. The relationship seems to be going well.

At the age of 45, she was wearing a camisole that exposed her breasts and shorts that showed off her beautiful legs. It seems that not many people were surprised to see her dating a younger boyfriend with her sexiness on full display. This is because in recent years, Hasegawa’s character as a “carnal mature woman” who is always greedy for love has taken root in her mind.

She has been a regular on “Gutan Nouveau” since 19, and her cooking in revealing clothing on her Youtube page, which she started in 2008, has often become a topic of conversation. As an actress, she also played a daring wet scene in “Goldfish Wife” (Netflix) in 2010, and played a mysterious celebrity with a large number of young men in her mansion in “Yangonaki Kazoku” (Fuji TV). It is said that she encourages her manager to have “one love affair per site.

In her 20s, Hasegawa created the “Hasekyo phenomenon” as a model for “Cancam,” starred in numerous TV dramas, and was a commercial queen. In 2001, she won the Best Mother Award as a mother of two children.

At that time, Hasegawa often talked about her family happily on TV. In December 2003, a dark cloud hung over their marriage, which seemed to be going well. This magazine reported Shindo’s alleged infidelity. Later, in October 2009, the couple announced their divorce.

Hasegawa’s character is said to have changed from around 2003 to 2004; in 2004, Hasegawa starred in the drama “Furena Baochin” (NHK BS), playing a married woman who falls in adulterous love with Ryo Narita. At that time, she said, “Even mothers and wives are women. I was impressed by her comment at the time, “I was thinking about this more and more, and that’s when I got this offer.

He said, “When I heard my female friends who were older than Hasegawa talking about how they liked younger men, Hasegawa used to think, ‘There’s no way I could ever be younger than him. But as he got older, I heard that he began to say, ‘I like younger men at my age. Come to think of it, in an interview for a drama that came out about 10 years ago, she said about younger men, ‘I don’t know how to treat them. Eventually she will probably think younger men are better.

Hasegawa’s current way of life, in which she values being a “woman” no matter how old she is, has been criticized by many. However, on her birthday report on Instagram, there were comments such as, “I am no longer afraid of getting older,” and “I have always admired this woman.

Supported by such comments, she will continue to follow “the path she has chosen.

At a handshake event for her first photo book (2001)
At a commercial shoot for a soft drink (2003) The following year, she appeared in commercials for 10 companies and became the queen of commercials.
Appeared as a judge at her entertainment production company’s newcomer audition (2006)
She appeared at the launch site of a TV drama (2003), showing off her beautiful legs…
The back view is more daring. She attracted a lot of attention from the audience.
Instagram (from @kyoko.hasegawa.722) reporting her 45th birthday
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