Arata Mackenyu, who supposedly “changed after marriage,” is still under the “Gershey’s spell” that he cannot break free from. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Arata Mackenyu, who supposedly “changed after marriage,” is still under the “Gershey’s spell” that he cannot break free from.

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Tasuku and his wife, Ako, on a date in Ginza in May 2009.

I knew this day would come someday, but I never thought it would come so soon, so I’m just so happy.

Arata Mackenyu (26) appeared on the red carpet at the US premiere of “Saint Seiya The Beginning” held at a theater in Los Angeles, California. He expressed his joy at making his starring debut in a Hollywood movie, which has been his dream for many years.

However, the film, which opened in Japan on April 28 ahead of the rest of the world, seems to be struggling considerably. In the box office rankings for the first three days after its opening day, the film ranked 8th for the first time. Box-office revenue during this period was in the 40 million yen range, and it is said that a total of 150 million yen would be good. It was even reported that the seats in movie theaters were rattled, with a “5% seating ratio. The production cost is said to be 7.7 billion yen. Naturally, the word “bomb” danced around the Internet.

The original work is a very popular comic by Masami Kurumada that was serialized in Shonen Jump in the 1980s. It was also adapted into an anime in parallel. It is popular among women because of its many beautiful boy characters, and secondary works have also been actively created. The animated work also has many overseas fans. In “The Beginning,” popular characters other than the main character did not appear, and the design of the “holy robe” (cross) worn by the main character was changed to be quite simple. Many old fans felt that the “reproduction level” was low. Also, because the work is over 40 years old, the fan base is over 50s. The fact that it was not a movie that could be enjoyed by parents and children during GW, as was the case with THE FIRST SLUMDUNK, may have been a factor in the film’s defeat.

However, according to the opinions of people who have actually seen the film and experts, it is not as bad as people are saying.

Some say that the atmosphere of the film has changed from the original work, and that the Hollywood movie format has made the internal world of the original work more important. Also, the action choreographed by action director Andy Chen was of Hollywood quality, and Nitta was a standout amongst them.

Although he gave the best performance, it did not reach the public as much as he had expected. It must have been quite embarrassing for him. He had another bad luck recently.

Nitta-san appeared on “A-Studio+” (TBS) on January 5 and talked about his newly married life with Ako, a woman seven years older than him who announced her marriage in January. Tasuku said, “I really won the lottery. I have never met such a pretty and beautiful girl. I say that every day.” “She’s super beautiful,” he said of Ako. Before we got married, my life was like playing a game 24 hours a day, but thanks to her, my life has changed completely.

The Internet responded to the candid and honest Tasuku, who does not usually show his true colors, and his frankness about his love for Ako drew favorable reactions. On the other hand, however, there were also comments rehashing past revelations about Gyasi.

According to “Josei Jishin,” which reported on their relationship in April ’21, in ’18, Serious Tasuku and Ako met at a fashion-related photo shoot, and Ako came to the scene with her husband, a famous stylist at the time. It is said that in 1919, Ako divorced her husband and started dating Nitta.

The writer continues, “However, she was once a close friend of Tasuku Majumoto.”

However, a former member of the Diet, Gyasi (Yoshikazu Azumaya), who was once a close friend of Serious Tasuku, “revealed” that their relationship had been an affair at first. He also “revealed” that Tasuku got into trouble with Taka of ONE OK ROCK over Ms. Ako, that he was suspected of being a staple, and that he had had past relationships with women. We do not know how much of what Mr. Gershey said is true, but we do know that the image of Mentasuke has been completely changed. However, the image of Tasuku Serious Tasuku has been completely tarnished. Perhaps the poor box-office performance of the movie may have nothing to do with this.

In April, Gershie was placed on the international wanted list for violating the Violent Activities Act (habitual threats) and is now a fugitive from justice. Even so, the “curse” still seems to torment him.

In 2004, when he appeared in “Chihayafuru”
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