While shopping in a sexy “transparent knit”… Kyoko Hasegawa shows her cool response to the “parking ticket”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

While shopping in a sexy “transparent knit”… Kyoko Hasegawa shows her cool response to the “parking ticket”.

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He is doing even better now that he is independent from his office & divorced!

Hasekyo showed up in a luxury foreign car in one of the most exclusive residential areas in Tokyo. First, he bought a bouquet of flowers at a flower store and then went to the supermarket.

What is going on here?

One late autumn afternoon, in a shopping district in Tokyo where the number of shoppers dressed for winter had increased dramatically, there was a beautiful woman who was the center of attention.

Under a bright red transparent knit, she was wearing only a black camisole that was open at the chest! The model and actress Kyoko Hasegawa (45) was shopping with so much pheromone that male customers passing by had a hard time keeping their eyes on her.

Last year, Ms. Hasegawa went independent from Repro Entertainment, the major entertainment agency to which she had belonged for 23 years. She is currently focusing on producing her lingerie brand “ESS by,” which she launched two years ago, and is also involved in PR activities, such as modeling for herself and uploading images of herself in underwear on SNS and other social media. The black camisole she was wearing under her knitwear is probably from the same brand.

Hasegawa once dominated fashion magazines under the nickname “Hasekyo. Her Instagram has about 860,000 followers, and wearing her own brand of lingerie is probably the best publicity she can get. The sexiness was so jam-packed that some people turned away from the scene, but …….

On this day, Hasegawa parked her car on the main street of the shopping arcade and hustled around flower stores and high-end supermarkets frequented by celebrities.’ In 2009, she divorced Haruichi Shindou, 49, the guitarist of PORNO GRAFFITTI, whom she had been with for 13 years. She is now a single mother, and shopping for food for her two children, who are in the midst of eating, is one of her most important jobs, along with modeling.

When she returned to her car, carrying a large plastic bag in each hand, she found that something had happened while she was gone.

A sticker on the windshield of the luxury car, which was shining and polished to a fine shine, looked quite out of place.

In black letters on a yellow background, it read “Parking Violation.

The parking guard had just finished his stop a few minutes earlier. It was just a hair’s breadth away, but Hasegawa was not the least bit perturbed. With a pout of her sexy lips, she stretched out her right arm and with a pin, removed the parking ticket! and peeled off the parking ticket, and got into the driver’s seat.

She starts the car, moves it to a nearby parking meter, and buys a parking ticket.

She is now in her 40s and has released a semi-nude photo book. She has also been a hit on her YouTube channel, cooking in a camisole.

The other day, she appeared on a talk show at Boat Race Fukuoka as a guest on a live broadcast of the big race, and was inundated with men and men fans because of her Boat Race commercial.

The second act of “Hasekyo” is about to begin, and it is dripping with pheromones.

After buying both hands full of food at an upscale supermarket full of celebrities, he went to his car, which was parked on the street.
Finding a sticker on the windshield that says “Parking Violation,” Hasekyo is unfazed and cool about it.
Immediately after receiving the parking ticket, he went to the parking meter. Straddling the guardrail with her beautiful legs, she buys a ticket.
Kyoko Hasegawa, a cut never before published in this magazine, at the scene of a “parking ticket” while shopping with her pheromone leaking out.
Kyoko Hasegawa’s pheromone-drenched body is seen in a parking ticket while shopping.
Kyoko Hasegawa’s pheromone leaking “parking ticket” scene while shopping.

From the December 1, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Kentaro Kato

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