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The BEST 14 “Daring Dresses” by Seasonal Actresses!

They show off their glamorous skin only at events.

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Haruka Ayase (38), the lead actress of the movie “Revolver Lily” (released on August 11), appeared at the cast presentation in a dress that was so open at the back you could see her waist. Ayase says that she has a hard time keeping her body fit, but her “divine style” took the audience’s breath away.

Haruka Ayase appeared at the cast announcement for “Revolver Lily,” a movie in which she stars, in February 2011. Before filming a movie with many action scenes, she always trains hard, doing 200 push-ups and 100 sit-ups, etc.

Actresses in season wear “sexy dresses” for big events and show off their beautiful skin, which they never show on TV.

For actresses, stage appearances and film festivals, where many members of the media gather, are occasions for them to show off their beauty. With the public’s attention on them, their outlandish fashions and revealing outfits are sure to draw a lot of attention. It is a great opportunity for actresses to show off their talents.

(A source at an entertainment agency says that the stylist in charge of the event basically decides on the costumes according to the image of the celebrities themselves and the atmosphere of the event. Actresses with a purist image tend to wear cute outfits, but sometimes they dare to wear revealing dresses in an attempt to subvert their established image.

Actress Mei Nagano, 23, drew attention when she appeared at the 35th Tokyo International Film Festival last October in a gorgeous dress that accentuated her body line. The choice of an outfit with a gap from her usual image may have been the aim of her agency, which wanted to push Ms. Nagano, a former child actress, as a talented actress with a wide range. In fact, her fans cheered, saying that her style was too good.

It is no wonder that the eyes are drawn to this “beauty contest of the best of the best.

In January 2004, Takako Tokiwa attended a preview screening of the movie “Red Moon. She was wearing a scanty dress with no visible underwear line. and “No bra and no panties?
Nanako Matsushima appeared at the Tokyo International Film Festival in October 2006. She appeared on the red carpet for the first time in a daring see-through black dress, which showed off her great style.
Keiko Kitagawa Voted “Aesthetic’s Best Beauty Woman” in ’21 by readers of the beauty magazine “Aesthetic. Wearing a unique dress with layers of sheer fabric
Yuko Shinki Attended the “Special Preview with DIOR” of the movie “Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris” in November ’22. Her ultra-luxury dress and jewelry cost a total of approximately 50 million yen.
MEGUMI In September 2005, she appeared at the opening party for the “Bruce Weber Exhibition. She was smiling while holding her dog and posing for pictures, but her wide-open bosom caught the eye.
KANNA HASHIMOTO In December 2010, she appeared on stage for the completion of the movie “Black Night Parade. She showed her mature side in a see-through black dress.
Kasumi Arimura Kasumi Arimura attended the “47th Hochi Film Awards” ceremony in December 2010. She won the Best Actress Award for her role in the movie “The Ex-convict. She showed off her beautiful legs in a chic black dress.
Mei Nagano Mei Nagano attracted attention when she appeared on the red carpet at the 35th Tokyo International Film Festival in October 2010, together with Erika Toda, who plays her mother in the movie “Motherhood.
Ryoko Hirosue Received the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in the movie “The Method of the Key Thief” at the “Blue Ribbon Awards” ceremony in February ’13. The accessories she wore totaled 24.4 million yen.
Maika Yamamoto ’23 In June 2011, she appeared on stage in a tight one-piece dress at an event held just before the distribution of the movie “SEE HEAR LOVE: I Love You Even If I Can’t See You or Hear You”.
Masami Nagasawa Attended the “31st Hashida Award” ceremony in May 2011. She successfully won the Hashida Award for her role in the popular drama “Elpis – Hope or Disaster” (Fuji Television Network).
Minami Tanaka Won the “Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Award” in the 30s category and attended the award ceremony in January ’23. She is very active as an actress & beauty icon.
Suzu Hirose In April 2011, Suzu Hirose appeared on stage for the opening day of “Nemesis the Movie: The Mystery of the Golden Spiral”. Her dress with pearl accessories on the back cost over 150,000 yen.

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