Kyoko Hasegawa, “Passionate Kissing in the Car,” with her friends Ryoko Shinohara and Michiko Kichise, “Divorced and Beautiful” Why? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kyoko Hasegawa, “Passionate Kissing in the Car,” with her friends Ryoko Shinohara and Michiko Kichise, “Divorced and Beautiful” Why?

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Kyoko Hasegawa has discovered a new lover. After her divorce, her beauty has become more and more polished. ……

I thought she was very intense…. So that’s what happened.

A manager of a mid-level entertainment company said, “That’s what happened. NEWS POST SEVEN” reported that actress Kyoko Hasegawa is dating Mr. A, a restaurant owner in Tokyo.

The magazine caught Hasegawa entering a high-class restaurant with Mr. A wearing a camisole with the back wide open, shorts, and high heels. She also kissed him passionately in a cab after leaving the restaurant, making it difficult to look away.

The couple, six years younger than Hasegawa, is the owner of a restaurant in Tokyo. They met two years ago and started dating after Hasegawa made a strong move on him.

Hasegawa divorced Haruichi Shindou, a guitarist in the rock band PORNO GRAFFITTI, in October ’21. They have two children together.

Although Hasegawa is enjoying her single life, she played the role of an adulterous wife in the Netflix drama “Goldfish Wife,” which was distributed last February, and her bold wet scene became the talk of the town. Hasegawa’s “entanglement” partner was actor Masanobu Ando. An entertainment manager who was present at the scene testified, “Masanobu was very aggressive with Ando.

The sensual scene in which he was aggressively approaching Mr. Ando was ad-libbed by Mr. Hasegawa. He was doing more than the scripted scene, so it was talked about as ‘amazing’ on the set.

Even Ms. Ando was a bit taken aback (laughs). At the time, it was said that she was doing it to enhance her reputation as an actress or to appeal to the Netflix network, but looking back, she must have had a fulfilling personal life.

The drama stars actress Ryoko Shinohara. She too divorced her ex-husband, Masachika Ichimura, in July 2009 and is now freelance. A reporter in charge of entertainment for a sports newspaper said, “She was 14 years younger than Shinohara when they divorced.

At the time of her divorce, she was also reported to have had an affair with a Korean actor 14 years younger than her. Although it had some impact on her work, she has recently been cast in a TV drama starring in a Friday 8:00 p.m. slot on the TV Tokyo network this fall.

Shinohara and actress Yoshihiro Yoshida are both in the same boat.

Shinohara and actress Michiko Kichise are known to be close in private. Kichise also divorced in 2009. The three have much in common: Hasegawa is 44, Shinohara is 49, and Kichise is 48.

They are of the same generation, so I think they get along well. All of them are still shining after their divorces. In fact, they have more life experience than when they were in their 20s, and they all say that they are enjoying their love lives.

Hasegawa, in an interview published in the year of her divorce,

In an interview published in the year of her divorce, Hasegawa said, “Now that I have settled down to raise my children, the feminine side of me is beginning to tingle healthily, and perhaps the time has come for me to turn my attention to it.

She said, “Now that I have settled down to raise my children, my feminine side is starting to tingle healthily.

It seems that a second marriage to a younger restaurant owner may be in her future, but a person who knows Hasegawa says, “I don’t think I’m living up to that concept.

I don’t think he lives by that concept. I think she feels that by falling in love, she shines both externally and internally as a woman. ……

I think that’s what it’s like to be a woman in love. I think she is releasing her “inner beauty” by leading a fulfilling life with her work and private life.

She is a very attractive woman.

In recent years, an increasing number of women are divorcing their husbands when they have settled down to raise their children, and are moving on to the “second stage of their lives. Hasegawa is likely to become an icon for such women.

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