Accelerating transfers…Charismatic Hideaki Takizawa’s “TOBE” is expanding its power…Complicated thoughts of “remaining disciples and quit Janis”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Accelerating transfers…Charismatic Hideaki Takizawa’s “TOBE” is expanding its power…Complicated thoughts of “remaining disciples and quit Janis”.

Attention is focused on the popular "snosters", as well as Jin Akanishi and Tomohisa Yamashita: ......

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In addition to the “TOBE” headquarters, a company that manages the fan club and a subsidiary that handles the music division have been established, and the overall picture is still unknown.

TOBE” has been in full swing since July 2, when former “V6” member Ken Miyake (44) and former “King & Prince” member Shiyoh Hirano (26) announced that they would join the group. It has now become the eye of the typhoon in the entertainment industry and is having an impact on its surroundings, large and small.

One of the “pioneers of quitting Janis,” Hitoshi Akanishi (39), has been the center of attention.

He indirectly declared war on Takizawa by saying on social media, “I really want to go back to Johnny’s.” Akanishi is good friends with Takizawa. There were rumors that he would join Takizawa, but he himself categorically denied it. It is because his rival Takizawa has launched “TOBE” that he wants to return to his old home, which is hostile to Takizawa, and sell himself highly” (source from a TV station).

If Akanishi returns ……

Akanishi is still very popular and admired by the current Johnny’s. He is also a member of “Sexy Zone’s” Kikugoro, and has been a member of “Kikugoro” since its inception.

From popular members such as Fuma Kikuchi (28) of “Sexy Zone” and Daiga Kyomoto (28) of “SixTONES” to teenage Jr. It is also cool that he made it big as a “quitting jani.

With Johnny’s in turmoil due to the exodus of talent, if Akanishi were to come back to Johnny’s, there would be many talents who would step up to the plate. Matsumoto Jun (39) also visited Akanishi’s recent concert, and he has deep under-the-sea connections with the current talent affiliated with the company.

However, there is one man who will be left behind if Akanishi joins Johnny’s. He is Ryo Nishikido (38), a former member of “Kanjani Eight.

Nishikido left the office because he admired Shibuya Subaru (41) and Akanishi.
He and Akanishi have also worked together on You Tube distribution and other projects. When his partner returns to his old home, which he left because he didn’t like it, Nishikido, who has only just quit, cannot keep up. He will be removed from the ladder.

Among the “quit-jani” of the same generation, the only one who has a chance of joining “TOBE” is Tomohisa Yamashita (38).

Yamashita Tomohisa (38) is the only one of his generation who has a chance of joining TOBE. He made some inroads overseas, but his growth was sluggish. Speaking of Yamapo, he has been good friends with Takizawa since their days in Johnny’s. Last year, he starred in an NHK drama, and I think he will try to use “TOBE” as a springboard to once again make Japan his main battlefield.

Takizawa’s “Ai (mana) disciple” who is fascinated by Takizawa

One person in the entertainment industry who has decided to follow Takizawa out of the office is Hiromitsu Kitayama (37) of “Kis-My-Ft2”. Kitayama announced that he would leave the agency at the end of August this year. It is rumored that he will soon move to “TOBE” led by Hideaki Takizawa.

Kitayama is interested in nurturing the next generation. When “IMP.”, who recently transferred to “TOBE”, was in Johnny’s, he went to their live performances and studied them diligently, taking notes during the performances. Kitayama also floated in the group because of his stoic personality. I think he really wanted to work with Takizawa, whom he respected.

There are many Takizawa sympathizers at Johnny’s, but what about the possibility of his leaving the office and even transferring afterwards?

Fans are worried about Raoul (20), the center of Snow Man. He is Takizawa’s treasured son, who has been behind the scenes supporting Takizawa’s stage for many years, and was directly recruited to join “Snow Man” as its center in order to make it a breakthrough upon its debut. He also appeared as a model at the Paris Collection, making the most of his 190 cm height. The agency is desperately trying to hold on to him by letting him do whatever he wants,” said a source from a major advertising company.

The transfer to “TOBE” is also attractive to the janitaries who are not under Takizawa’s direct guidance.

Another one who is rumored to be transferring is Kyohei Takahashi (23) of “Naniwa Danshi. Naniwa Danshi” is a group that sells cute boyishness, but Kyohei himself is a bit removed from that impression. He has told his close friends that he wants to leave the group.

I have heard that Juri Tanaka (28), also of “SixTONES,” also sometimes talks about leaving the group. It may not be very likely, but the six members have had a strong bond since their Jr. days, so if they were to transfer, they would probably do so as a whole group.

The sudden departure and transfer of the six members has caused a flurry of anxiety and speculation among fans. Talent, office staff, and fans. Behind the scenes of the launch of the new agency, the thoughts of each party are swirling.

Yamapo, who will start filming a movie in the morning at the beginning of 2011, is rumored to be aiming to increase his exposure in the Japanese media by joining “TOBE”.
This year marks Akanishi’s 10th year of independence, and he is eager to rejoin Johnny’s. Will the return of a charismatic figure stop the talent exodus?
From right to left: Jesse (27), Yugo Takachi (29), and Tatsuru Tanaka (28). SixTONES” is a group active mainly in variety shows and dramas.
Raoul is a big favorite of Takizawa. He still has his own personal SNS and posts mostly off-shot photos from fashion magazines.
Nishikido is taking on the filming of a drama. After leaving the group, he has continued his music and acting activities. This year, he also appeared in a drama series on NHK

From the August 4, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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