Norika Fujiwara and Ainosuke take a lovey-dovey stroll and show off their Japanese style Dates in this Photo Collection | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Norika Fujiwara and Ainosuke take a lovey-dovey stroll and show off their Japanese style Dates in this Photo Collection

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Ainosuke Kataoka and Kika’s Intimate Love Stroll (September 18, 2003 issue)

The Kabuki world has been rocked by the “heart-to-heart” furore over Ennosuke Ichikawa. The same is true for the “wives of Rien,” but they are gradually getting back to their normal lives. Norika Fujiwara, 51, the wife of Ainosuke Kataoka, 51, who now boasts an outstanding presence among the wives of Rien wives, also updated her blog after a long absence at the end of May.

Norika began her humanitarian charity work in ’02 when she visited post-civil war Afghanistan as a reporter on a TV program. In 2007, she became a special public relations envoy for the Japanese Red Cross Society, and in 2010, she established her own “Smile Please, Kika Fujiwara World Children’s Fund”. This time it was a charity lecture for that fund.

The posted photo shows her wearing a white shirt with a large bright red flower printed on the left breast and bright red pants. Her outstanding good looks, which were once praised as uniquely Japanese, are still there.

FRIDAY has been following Norika for nearly 30 years since she first appeared on the scene as a Toray campaign gal in 1993. Her lovey-dovey walks with Ainosuke, her wedding to Tomonori Jinnai (49).We hope you will take a look at her beautiful figure, which has become more bewitching as she has aged, in these treasured photos.

A lovey-dovey walk with Ainosuke: “I’ll never let you go…”

I’ll never let you go! The reporter could not hide her surprise when she saw Kika walking with her arm around Ainosuke’s waist and her body pressed against his left arm.

It was in late August 2003 that I witnessed the scene of their intimate lovemaking walk. At the time, Ainosuke had a girlfriend, Asami Kumakiri (42), whom he had been dating since 2001. Three months earlier, a women’s weekly magazine had reported that Ainosuke was staying at Kika’s house for consecutive nights. Immediately after this report, Kumakiri said, “I believe him,” to which Ainosuke countered, “I have already broken up with (Kumakiri).”

As for his relationship with Norika, he denied everything on his blog, saying, “There is no such fact at all. However, the two were seen by this magazine as lovers themselves. After picking up Kika from an esthetic salon, Ainosuke picked her up in his car and drove off again, stopping at a coin-operated parking lot in a residential area near Yotsuya Station (Shinjuku Ward), and as you can see, they began to walk together.

Kika, who had become addicted to Kabuki the previous fall, visited Ainosuke to see his play, and they developed a rapport. She is a straight shooter for the men she falls in love with, and even now, eight years after their marriage, she seems to be single-mindedly devoted to Ainosuke. I don’t think she will have much time to appear on TV in the future, as she is busy with her duties as a proprietress and her charity work,” said an insider in the pears garden.

It seems certain that Norika’s beauty will only get better and better thanks to her happy life with Ainosuke.

A photographer of this magazine sneaked into the poster shooting by Nobuyoshi Araki, a.k.a. “Araki,” a genius photographer (June 13, 1997 issue)
At a press conference to announce the production of a TV drama (September 25, 1998 issue)
Norika at the “K-1” live-streaming event (October 16, 1998 issue)
Direct interview with Tomonori Jinnai (49) just before their marriage (February 2, 2007 issue)
A direct interview with Tomonori Jinnai (49) just before his marriage (Feb. 2, ’07 issue)
Wedding ceremony with Jinnai (March 9, 2007 issue)
First shot after her divorce from Jinnai. With Haruna Ai (50) (April 17, ’09 issue)
Ainosuke Kataoka and Kika’s intimate love walk (September 18, ’15 issue)
Ainosuke Kataoka and Norika’s intimate love-making walk (September 18, ’15 issue)
Wedding ceremony with Ainosuke (’14 October 14 issue)
At the Jewelry Best Dresser Award ceremony (February 14, ’20 issue)
Kika Fujiwara charmed the audience! Dressed in a sexy kimono, greeting her husband Ainosuke Kataoka’s relations (April 30, 2009 issue)
Norika Fujiwara charmed the crowd! Dressed in a sexy kimono, she greeted her husband Ainosuke Kataoka’s relations (April 30, 2009 issue)
Aoyama, where cheerful Norika-san was discovered and photographed (March 18, 2010 issue).
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