Daring Costume Showing the Underarms & Riding a Big Motorcycle…Survival in the Drama “Beautiful Bare Face Photos” of Yasuko Matsuyuki. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Daring Costume Showing the Underarms & Riding a Big Motorcycle…Survival in the Drama “Beautiful Bare Face Photos” of Yasuko Matsuyuki.

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Matsuyuki at a special preview of the movie “Colonel Kuhio” (October 23, ’09 issue)

The “aura of unhappiness” of Yasuko Matsuyuki (50) is a hot topic. However, this is a story from a drama. In the currently airing “Pending Train – 8:23, Tomorrow with You” (TBS), a panic and ensemble drama in which a train suddenly warps to the future and the passengers struggle to return to their original world, Matsuyuki plays a female president who was pessimistic about everything but now struggles for the sake of everyone.

Matsuyuki made her modeling debut in 1988 when she was selected for the “1st Men’s Nonno Girl Friend. In 1993, she starred in “Shiratori Reiko desu ka! (Fuji TV), in which she played a strong character, and since then, she has shown a strong presence when playing cool women. In the 2006 movie “Hula Girl,” she played a woman who helped launch the Joban Hawaiian Center and won the Japan Academy Award for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role.

In her private life, she has had numerous affairs with actors and musicians. One such actor is Masato Hagiwara, 51, who is currently co-starring in “Pending. Both divorced, they have been friends for more than a decade, and have rubbed shoulders in the nightlife….

FRIDAY” has been paying attention to Matsuyuki since soon after her debut. The magazine has paid close attention to Matsuyuki since her debut, and has shown us her sexy “side flashing stage greeting” at a preview screening of a movie in which she played the lead role, her dashing ride on a large motorcycle, and many cool date photos. Here is a look back at Matsuyuki’s past with some of her treasured photos.

She is the type of person who takes a chance and shatters it.

The role that established Matsuyuki as a popular actress was undoubtedly her role as Reiko Shiratori in “Shiratori Reiko desu ka! She is beautiful, but her high-handedness makes her seem like an outcast. The role of the beautiful but single-minded, single-minded, and extremely self-centered young lady was a perfect fit for Matsuyuki. Until then, she had played only mild-mannered women with good personalities, but in an interview with this magazine in 1992, she said,

In an interview with this magazine in 1992, she said, “I’m really a simple person, and I’m the type of person who likes to take a chance and smash things. (In the future, I will live a cool and elegant life as an actress and a woman” (June 26, 1992 issue).

She was speaking her true feelings.

True to her words, Matsuyuki has always shown us how “cool and elegant” she is, both as an actress and in her private life. In 2009, Matsuyuki attended a special screening of the movie “Colonel Kuhio,” revealing the white skin from her armpits to her arms, creating a bewitching mood. Matsuyuki played the role of a woman who is deceived by Kuhio but devotes herself to him,

If Kuhio appears, I’d like to pretend to be tricked and take advantage of it,” she said with a relaxed air.

She excited the audience with her relaxed comment, “If Kuhio appears, I would like to pretend to be deceived and take him for a ride.

Matsuyuki has matured as an actress. What kind of passionate performance will she give next?

Matsuyuki being interviewed as a promising new actress (June 26, ’92 issue)
A scene from her role in “Reiko Shiratori desu ka! (Fuji Television Network) (Feb. 5, 1993)
At the press conference for the production announcement of “Midnight Rain” (TBS) (December 8, 2002 issue)
Matsuyuki is working on obtaining a large motorcycle license. Her current favorite vehicle is a Harley Davidson (March 17, 2000 issue).
Matsuyuki is aiming to obtain a large motorcycle license. Her favorite car is a Harley Davidson (March 17, ’00 issue).
Matsuyuki and Masato Hagiwara on a date in “Pending Train” (March 25, 2005 issue).
Dating scene of Matsuyuki and Masato Hagiwara, who are co-starring in “Pending Train” (March 25, ’05 issue)
On the scene of a passionate date between Matsuyuki and drummer Hisashi Numazawa (October 27, 2006 issue)
The scene of Matsuyuki’s passionate date with drummer Hisashi Numazawa (Oct. 27, ’06 issue)
Matsuyuki at a special preview of the movie “Colonel Kuhio” (October 23, ’09 issue)
Smoking a cigarette after work (January 2, ’15 issue)
Meeting with staff in the car after a drama location shoot (December 27, 2007 issue)
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