Kuro-chan’s life is dramatized, Egashira 2:50’s true face is highly rated… The “hated comedians” have begun their great counterattack! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kuro-chan’s life is dramatized, Egashira 2:50’s true face is highly rated… The “hated comedians” have begun their great counterattack!

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In the “Monster Love” project of “Water Dow,” Kuro-chan’s nonchalant lying and cheating habits drew viewers’ dismay, but he coupled them beautifully. It became a big topic of conversation.

Kuro-chan’s Love: After All, It’s Love”, which depicts the life of Kuro-chan (46) of Yasuda-Da-Circus, has been dramatized on the video distribution site Paravi.

The drama was adapted for Pavi, a video distribution site. “Although they don’t look alike, the lead actor, Shuhei Nomura (29), faithfully reproduced Kuro-chan’s way of speaking,” said Pavi. Speaking of dramas starring comedians, the life of Ryota Yamasato (46) of “Nankai Candies” has been dramatized in “But There’s Passion” (NTV), which started in April. Moreover, Shintaro Morimoto (25) of “SixTONES” will play the role. Recently, celebrities who once dominated the scene as unlikable comedians have been gaining popularity,” says an advertising agency official.

For example, Tetsuro Izukawa (59), who used to be a regular on the “Men I Don’t Want to Be Hugged” list, is now one of the top “Favorite Comedians” and is frequently seen in commercials. Egashira 2:50 (57) is a popular YouTube star with 3.71 million registered users.

Kuro-chan, Izukawa, and Egashira are the types who go their own way. Likes and dislikes may differ, but I think the public has come to realize that this person is the real deal and is beginning to appreciate him for his unwavering way of life. Egashira, in particular, is the complete opposite of his eccentric style and his true face. In fact, his seriousness and manly personality became widely known through SNS sightings and other means. For a long time, he hid the fact that he volunteered at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake. This is evidence that viewers are becoming more discerning enough to judge whether or not a character is performing an unlikable trick.

Comedians like Shinichi (38) and Kazunobu Kubota (43) of Toro Salmon, who were strongly impacted by reports of infidelity and verbal abuse, have remained “low likability” because episodes of “actually good people” have not appeared. There is a stage where comedians who remain “low likability” are also welcomed.

Take, for example, “Wednesday’s Downtown” (TBS). For example, ‘Wednesday’s Downtown’ (TBS) is outstanding in its use of disliked comedians. Shinichi also appears in surprise shows, but the viewers feel a sense of catharsis when they see a disliked comedian being kidnapped and locked up, or being driven into a corner by a scary senior comedian.

What is important is that they have the ability to win awards like Shinichi and Kubota. Or, they should have funny reactions like Nadal (38) of “Korokoro Chiki Chiki Peppers.

Eiko Kano (41), who has been mired in scandals, including an eight-groping scandal and allegations of dating underage girls, is no exception. He is a highly sought-after actor because of his amusing and divine behavior. He is in constant demand.

Last year, “Westland” won the “M-1 Grand Prix” with its tongue-in-cheek performance. The “low likability comedians” are making remarkable strides. The most suitable for such comedians is a surprise project.

As long as their reactions are funny, they get more offers to appear on the show. Surprise projects on “Mizudow” and “London Hearts” (TV Asahi), where the MCs are good at teasing the comedians, are especially welcomed.

Being disliked is a part of one’s art.

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