He is sought after for variety and information programs! Panther’s Ogata is loved by the industry and people around him. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

He is sought after for variety and information programs! Panther’s Ogata is loved by the industry and people around him.

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He has been sought out for variety and information programs as a pin-up artist. Ogata has now surpassed good-looking member Toshi Mukai (37) as the top earner in the “Panther” series.

Takahiro Ogata (46) of “Panther” fame serves as MC for the second season of NHK’s unique intellectual entertainment program “Math without Laughter,” in which he explains difficult mathematical problems in all seriousness.

Ogata has stopped gagging and is giving a serious commentary.

Ogata was captain of Sendai Ikuei, a strong soccer team. Until now, his athleticism and hard work have been valued in location shoots and surprise shows that boast of his physical strength, but he is being used more and more in serious projects.

In the information program “Saturday Plus” (TBS), which was renewed this fall, Ogata is in charge of the “Panther Ogata’s Youth Thank You! aired on September 19.

On the September 19 broadcast of “Hirake (Open)! Pandora’s Box Untouchable TV” (Fuji TV), which aired on September 19, featured “Ogata Gundan! Autumn Illegal Activities Crackdown Special! (Fuji TV), they went directly to the drivers of unlicensed peach vending trucks and asked them to stop illegal sales.

The “Ogata Gundan,” formed with junior comedians, has been doing location shooting to warn people of illegal activities on the show on an irregular basis, and has been quite popular,” said a broadcaster.

He has appeared in a Suntory “Yasashii Mugi-cha” commercial along with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (49), and his use in advertisements and corporate events is increasing.

Unlike Kuro-chan (46) of Yasuda-Daikircus, Ogata’s reactions are too pure to be a surprise, and he is a regular at surprise shows. His signature gag, “Thank you! is also a positive phrase, so it is very likable and well received at corporate events,” said an advertising agency official.

The reason behind Ogata’s success and his devotion to every job is “the Great East Japan Earthquake,” according to a broadcaster.

Ogata was born in Higashimatsushima City, Miyagi Prefecture, which is located on the coast of Sendai. His parents’ house was swept away by the tsunami in the Great East Japan Earthquake. When Ogata saw images of his parents’ house being washed away on the TV news, he immediately went to the area in a rented car. In order to support my family in the disaster, I began to throw myself into whatever work I had to do.”

Ogata is also grateful to those around him.

Recently, there have been a lot of ‘Ogata Gundan’ on location,” he says, “but that is because Ogata is working hard to sell his products. Because they are members of the corps with whom he has shared many hardships, he willingly accepts offers for projects featuring the Ogata Corps, no matter how long the time commitment or how difficult the content may be. Perhaps due in part to Ogata’s sales promotion effect, the corps members’ “Monkey Gorilla” and “Go Shogi” have attracted a lot of attention in the industry, including making it to the finals of award shows.

Ogata’s likability has also been boosted by the fact that he is a loving wife.

In these days of strict compliance, adultery is not allowed, even for comedians. In this respect, Ogata loves his wife so much that his jealousy has become a gag, and when she opened a restaurant at the Koenji Awaodori Festival, he agreed to take a commemorative photo with the buyers if it would benefit his wife. This is a high point.

Will he soon become a commercial king like his senior comedian Tetsuro Izukawa (59)?

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