Female Chinese Tennis Player Reveals Affair with Former Vice Premier…Rumored Shuddering Fate | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Female Chinese Tennis Player Reveals Affair with Former Vice Premier…Rumored Shuddering Fate

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Marshal Peng confesses to having an affair with former deputy prime minister. She was also a favorite opponent of the “Russian fairy” Sharapova (Image: AFP/Afro)

I went to your house. With your wife. You took me into your room. And we had sexual relations, just as we did more than ten years ago. That afternoon, I was so scared. I didn’t think it would happen that way. But I was trapped, and I did something that I don’t think Mrs. B. would have wanted me to do.

It was late at night on November 2 when the shocking confession was posted on the Chinese posting site, Weibo. The person who revealed her own infidelity was Peng Shuang, 35, a top female tennis player in China. According to her post, she was having an affair with 75-year-old Zhang Gaoli, former vice premier of the Communist Party of China. In China, where regulations are very strict, it is unusual for a scandal involving a former top official to become public.

“Peng’s post was deleted by the authorities within half an hour. But a screenshot quickly spread. The Taiwanese media, which is at odds with China, reported the story, and the whole world knew about it. The authenticity of the post is unclear, but the 40-year-old affair has become a hot topic in Japan as well,” said a writer in China.

Peng is one of China’s leading tennis players, having won the women’s singles, doubles, mixed doubles and team titles at the 2009 Chinese Championships, as well as the British Open in 2013 and the French Open in 2014 with her high-speed serve from her 173cm height. He is ranked No. 1 in the world in doubles and is one of the most famous athletes in China.

Zhang is a graduate of Fujian’s prestigious Xiamen University, and has served as Secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee since 2002 and as a member of the Tianjin Municipal Party Central Political Bureau since 2007. In 2001, he was appointed vice premier in Xi Jinping’s administration, where he held power as one of the top officials and retired from politics in 2005. Chinese journalist Zhou Laiyu describes Zhang’s personality.

“He is a unique politician who has studied at a university in North Korea. He is a unique politician, having studied at a university in North Korea, but he has no outstanding record of activities, and his impression is subdued. It is said that he rose from the provinces to the center of the country with the backing of Jiang Zemin, the former president of the DPRK, who trusted him.

I’ve lifted the lid on love.

Let’s go back to Peng’s confession. “According to a post on Weibo, the two met more than a decade ago when Zhang was the head of Tianjin City. But the affair ended when Zhang moved to the center. It was only after Zhang’s retirement that they began to meet again. In his post, Peng wrote

You contacted me again through your teacher at Tianjin Tennis Center. He asked me to play tennis with him. So we played tennis on a court in Beijing.

Later, as mentioned earlier, Peng was taken to Zhang’s house and they had an affair.

You said, “I’ve never forgotten you. You said, “I’ve never forgotten you. I like you. I opened the lid of my love for you again. We talked about ancient and modern history, sang songs, played ping-pong and billiards. We talked about ancient and modern history, sang songs, played ping-pong and billiards, and you even said, “I love you. “I love you. I wish I had known you when I was 20 and you were 18.” “When we were in Shandong (around 2002), we could have gotten a divorce.”

However, Peng was abused by Zhang’s wife, who knew about the relationship, and he spent his days questioning himself. It was in October of this year that the relationship deteriorated.

I had a heated argument with you. You called me and said, “I’ll get back to you,” and hung up. That was it. You just play around and suddenly disappear. It was over. (omission) You were always afraid that I wouldn’t have a recording device or leave any evidence. You were always afraid that I might not have a recording device or leave evidence. There is only the truth.

Was there a political agenda behind Peng’s exposure of the allegations against the former Communist Party official? Mr. Zhou said.

“I don’t think he had any political intentions. I think he was upset with Zhang’s cold attitude. If that’s the case, I think Mr. Zhang got what he deserved.

In China, however, exposing scandals in the halls of power is a taboo. But in China, exposing scandals in the halls of power is taboo, and Peng’s fate is likely to be shudder-worthy.

“The authorities are unlikely to punish Peng outwardly. The authorities are unlikely to punish Peng outwardly, because making a fuss would be like publicizing a scandal. They will just pretend it never happened. I don’t think Peng will appear in public as a tennis player in the future. Her ‘existence’ will be erased and the scandal will disappear naturally.

At a regular press conference held on November 3, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry was asked about the commotion.

“I’ve never heard of such a thing. This is not a question about diplomacy.

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