Yay! Yeah!” Pony-tailed Nana Mori charms the crowd at Chiba Marine with her dynamic pitching! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yay! Yeah!” Pony-tailed Nana Mori charms the crowd at Chiba Marine with her dynamic pitching!

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Waving her hands with a big smile, actress Nana Mori, 21, entered the diamond in a sports car, and on April 4, she was assigned to throw out the first pitch of the Chiba Lotte Marines’ home opener at “ZOZO Marine Stadium.

Mori has been a commercial character for Lotte’s ice cream products, starting with “Coolish” in ’19, followed by “Sou” and “Yukimi-dakkou”. He also threw out the first pitch in ’21 as a result of that. At the time, she was starring in the movie “Liar x Liar”. and starred in the movie “Liar x Liar”. Compared to those days when she was still a fresh-faced young woman, she has become a much more mature woman.

Mori appeared in a Mercedes Benz sports car with a big smile on her face and her hands waving in the air.
The audience greeted her with applause as her entrance song, “Ai no shirushi” by PUFFY, played in the background.

Mori got out of the car on the way to the mound and took a short run to the mound. On the back of his uniform was the same number as before, “MORI 7 (Nana). As Mori received the ball from the umpire and placed the glove in his right hand, the play-by-play announcer marveled, “He’s a southpaw! the announcer in the play-by-play room marveled, “He’s a southpaw!

At the first pitch two years ago, Mori’s throw bounced just in front of the catcher. Mori looked embarrassed and smiled shyly.
Mori’s pitching form was so impressive that social networking sites were talking about how she looked like she could throw a ball at 150 km/h.

The stands were stunned by the power of Mori’s form, as he raised his right leg to chest height like Akinori Sasaki, but the released ball arced gently in the opposite direction. The ball was released, but it arced gently in the opposite direction! Yes! he said with a big smile on his face. The enthusiasm of the people in the stadium was great, and it was a lot of fun. I’m rooting for you! I’m cheering for you!

After finishing his pitch, he left the stadium looking satisfied with his performance. 2 years ago, he was nervous, but this time he was not intimidated, posing with guts and smiling all the way.

Mori made the tense pre-game atmosphere of the two teams’ nine and the audience feel at ease with a single pitch. Her innocence is loved on any field.

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