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Hot love is discovered! Photos of Yu-chami and “Favorite Pi” holding hands on a date

Scoop! The "white gal from Reiwa," who was ranked No. 1 breakout talent in the first half of the year, has been discovered to be in love with someone!

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After making sure no one was around, the two serious men shifted their masks to sip their drinks. Yu-chami laughed repeatedly as they walked hand in hand

Reversing the tables from her

Model Yu-chami (21) has appeared on 132 TV programs and was ranked No. 1 on this year’s “Breakthrough Talent” list for the first half of the year. The “white gal from Reiwa” who is currently at the top of her game is also in great shape in her private life. It seems that she has successfully won the “favorite person” (gyaru jargon for “favorite person”) that she has been publicly announcing for a long time.

At 3 p.m. on a sunny late October afternoon, I found her at a fashionable cafe in Tokyo. The handsome man sitting opposite her on the wall is Masashi Kumura (23), a K-1 fighter.

He is a versatile fighter with excellent technique and the ability to engage in a fierce exchange of blows. He is a super bantamweight with a record of 25 fights and 20 wins. Combined with his handsome looks, he is expected to be a next-generation star next to Takeru,” said a K-1 official.

Kuson has a big fight against a strong opponent coming up on December 3. Before entering a tough weight-losing period, the two went out on a cafe date.

As they sipped their ordered coffee, Kuson said something to Yuchami, to which Yuchami replied, “Ahahaha!

“Hahahaha! That’s really funny!

and shows her white teeth. The way she laughs, as if she is really enjoying herself, is exactly the same as the way she shows in variety shows.

After 20 minutes of tea, they went outside. On the main street, where they could be seen by many people, they just walked side by side, but when they entered an alley, Yu-chami quickly intertwined her hands with his. Yu-chami laughed hysterically several times at his words, and they walked briskly in a lover’s embrace.

Their relationship began with Yu-chami’s reverse-nouncing of him. I heard that she got acquainted with Kuson when she became the ‘official cheering gal’ for K-1 in February of this year, and she made a fierce attack on him, leading to their relationship.

Yu-chami, a native of Osaka, is known for not having a home in Tokyo yet. After the relationship, it seems that she occasionally goes to Kusumura’s apartment when she has work in Tokyo.

One late October afternoon, we caught a spruced-up Yu-chami walking out of Kuson’s house. She went to a nearby supermarket and bought high-protein, low-fat chicken and kimchi, which helps relieve fatigue, while staring intently at her smartphone screen. In a variety show in which she appeared, she said she had “almost zero cooking experience,” but it seems that she is trying her hand at cooking, which she is not very good at, for the sake of her “favorite pi” who is about to fight.

On another day, Kusumura greeted Yuuchami in front of the entrance when she came home from work. Perhaps he came out in a hurry, but he still had his toothbrush in his mouth. I felt that there was no need to go out of my way to meet them since I would see them at home anyway, but I guess the two are so passionate that they want to be together as long as possible, even for a second.

What kind of existence do they have with each other as a TV personality and a martial artist? We interviewed them directly during the aforementioned hand-holding date.

Embarrassed by a direct hit

–Friday. I would like to ask you about your relationship. Is it true that you two are dating?

Yu-chami: “Yes! Oh, hi! Thank you very much. I mean, is this a surprise? (Toward Kuson) A trickster? (Laughs)”

–It’s a real interview.

Yu-chami: “Oh, I didn’t know I was being filmed.

–How did you start dating?

Yu-chami : “I became the ‘official cheering gal,’ and that’s how we met. Uchi’s reverse-nan. We started going to his house in the summer.

–Yuuchami: “What kind of relationship do you have with each other?

Yu-chami: (With a straight face) He supports me a lot. We have fun together. We are both from Kansai, so we get along well.

Kusumura: “ She is more popular than I am, and she inspires me. She makes me think that I have to work even harder than I am now. The mental aspect of martial arts is also important, but as you can see, she is always energetic, so I get a good mindset from her.

Yu-chami: “Hey, tell me that one too.

Kusumura: “ Oh, I also need to lose weight, but she also does her best in cooking and other things (laughs).”

–You also did some shopping at the supermarket, didn’t you?

Yu-chami: Cahaha, I didn’t know they were watching me. I’m studying to get certified in athlete’s diet.

–You are doing everything you can, aren’t you?

Yu-chami : “I love it. I love it so much. Ah, it’s getting really hot.

–Kusumura has a match coming up in December, doesn’t he?

Kusumura : “ (If there are reports of love affairs), I can’t lose more. I’m more fired up. I want people to pay attention to me more than ever.

Yu-chami: “I will also go to the venue as an official cheering gal.

–I will continue to support you both.

They both said, “ Thank you!”

Yuuchami was embarrassed throughout the show, giving him tsukkomi and smiling happily. Even the reporter was smiling at the sight of her overflowing with love for “I like you. This innocent, gal-like personality is probably the reason why she is so popular right now.

The beautiful couple stood out in the café. When Kusumura is on a weight-loss program, it is difficult for him to go out.
In late October, the two headed to a nearby convenience store from Kuson’s apartment. They seem to share a bicycle.
They cheerfully responded to the direct hits from the beginning to the end. Whenever Yu-chami made a comment with embarrassment, Kusumura accepted it kindly.

From “FRIDAY” December 2 and 9, 2022 issue

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