Yu-chami: “I’m in love!” Working hard to build a beautiful body under the devilish guidance of her rumored boyfriend! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yu-chami: “I’m in love!” Working hard to build a beautiful body under the devilish guidance of her rumored boyfriend!

This is a special interview with Yu-chami, "Reiwa's white gal! She talks candidly about everything from her love life to her passion for her job.

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Yu-chami / Born in Osaka, age 21. She is active in variety shows as a gal talent and also works as a fashion model.

Model and TV personality Yu-chami (21) appeared on the cover of FRIDAY for the first time in about eight months.

She said, “I haven’t been photographed for FRIDAY since my photo book (“Yuna,” published by Kodansha in September 2022)! It’s been a while, and I’m kind of nervous because there are so many people on the set (laughs). (Laughs) “Today I’m wearing natural makeup, which is totally different from my usual gal makeup, so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product myself.

I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.” This gravure photo shoot shows her in her natural state, which is completely different from the impression we get of her on TV. She was also very careful to keep her body in shape for the shoot.

I’ve recently become addicted to sauna, and I often go for 4 sets of 12 minutes each followed by a water bath. I used to go to the sauna simply because I liked the feeling of “getting in shape” in the sauna, but I’m lucky that it has also led to body-building! I feel lucky that it has also led to my body makeover! For today’s shoot, I went to the sauna more than usual and also went to the bedrock bath.

I also paid attention to my diet! I cut back on sweets and ate more foods that give me energy. I will eat Daifuku strawberries as soon as the shooting is over!  I love strawberry daifuku so much!

Super precious! Yu-chami in a swimsuit during the shoot.

Her body makeover doesn’t end there, as her boyfriend, who FRIDAY reported on her love affair in November 2022, seems to have given her a whip of love…!

She said, “My boyfriend made me do devil-hard sit-ups!  I almost died, but I did it half in a huff. He just stood next to me and looked at me and said, “Yes, one, two! I hope the results of my hard sit-ups showed today (laughs).

I asked him if the relationship was going well. I asked if their relationship was going well, to which he immediately replied, “We are in love! I’m in love with her!

We rarely fight. We Kansai people get along well with each other, and we are really close. We decided to go on a trip together next time! If I tell ……, I’m afraid I’ll be photographed by FRIDAY again, so I’ll keep the date and destination a secret (laughs).

Perhaps because of her boyfriend, she says she has recently become addicted to cooking.

There are many dishes I am good at!  I can cook curry rice, omelette rice, fried chicken……, fish dishes, and I can also make delicious salad. I can make almost anything!  I do my best to make them while looking at recipes on the internet.”

You can’t help but admire..! A shot of Yu-chami’s beautiful backside

Yu-chami, who is not only enjoying a fulfilling personal life but is also in the midst of her breakthrough as a TV personality, mentioned “MC” as her goal for 2023 in a direct interview with FRIDAY in December 2022. In February of this year, she became the sole MC of a TV program for the first time.

He said, “I think it is difficult to ‘turn the tables’ in a situation. I usually don’t notice it because I’m usually on the stage, but now that I’m an MC, it’s really difficult to listen to what the other person has to say and then turn the conversation back to them. I am still learning, but I hope to do my best so that I can get more MC jobs in the future!

Despite her extremely busy schedule, Yu-Chami kept the crew laughing throughout the shoot with her cheerful character and concern for the staff. It seems that the “white gal from Reiwa” will continue to gain momentum.

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