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What Tackey & Kimpuri’s “sudden announcement of leaving” means

Possibility of "Mr. Janney's Last Student" Joining Hideaki Takizawa

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Hirano, whose drama “Kurosagi” (TBS) is doing well, left because “I lost the group goal of being active overseas.

In the past two years, “Shonen-tai,” “Arashi,” “TOKIO,” “V6,” and In the past two years, “Shonendai,” “Arashi,” “Tokio,” “V6,” and four other groups have been forced to break up, leave the group, leave the office, or suspend their activities. All of these groups have been pillars of Johnny’s, and the number would be even higher if they were to leave the group. However, those involved in the situation said that the impact of the departure of vice president Hideaki Takizawa (40) and his departure from the company was “incomparable” to that of the other members.

Will you take over for me?”

Just three days after the “second generation” of the group, tearfully nominated by the late Mr. Janney Kitagawa to succeed him, left the empire, the group at the peak of its popularity, “King & King King & Prince’s Prince” will be leaving the group in May next year. Hirano and Jinguji will leave the group in May next year. It was announced that Hirano and Jinguji will leave the Johnny’s office in the same month, and Kishi will leave next fall.

The timing of the announcements happened to coincide with each other. The timing of the announcements must have been a coincidence. Kimpuri was produced by Mr. Janney, and he took great care in nurturing him, including taking him overseas to perform on stage. They share the same respect for Mr. Janney than President Keiko Fujishima Julie (56). …… The reason why he announced his departure at this time is to avoid the year-end and New Year holidays, when events and announcements of next year’s concert schedule are concentrated. By announcing with a six-month grace period, fans will be less upset, and it will also be possible to make one last profit with a good-bye show.

This time, it was brilliant that they always made the first move by announcing on their website, uploading a video of his comments, and then Noriyuki Higashiyama (Higashiyama) (56) mentioned it in an information program. This way, there was no need to hold a press conference and no unnecessary scrutiny. It looked like a “statement of belief by President Julie about the new Johnny’s Office.

With the departure of Masahiko Kondo (Match) (58), Higashi, who is now at the top of the talent pecking order, has taken over as Julie’s assistant. With Inohara Yoshihiko (46), who admires Higashi, succeeding Takizawa as president of “Johnny’s Island,” Hiramoto believes that “the new structure has a greater sense of stability.

That being the case, one wonders what Takizawa and Kimpuri will do, but the former Johnny’s talent suggests that they will “join forces.

The former Johnny’s talent suggests that they will “join forces. It is natural to think that there is someone who will take him in. There were rumors that Kishi, Jinguji, and the other members of “7 Men Samurai,” who were in the same year as Kishi and Jinguji, would leave the group. Tucky’s influence is immense. If he were to start his own entertainment agency, there would be many “quitting janis” who would come to his aid. It is said that when Tackey left Johnny’s, he had an agent negotiate with him, so it is possible that he wrote a note saying, “I will not be active in the entertainment business for a while. However, he will eventually stand up. With the addition of Issei Nishikori (57), whose stage direction has greatly influenced Tucky, and Tomohisa Yamashita (37), who has made his foray into Hollywood, multiple developments will become possible. It would also be interesting to team up with Michi Iijima (64) of New Map.

When Takizawa opened a Twitter account after leaving the company, Yamashita, Hitoshi Akanishi (38), and Ryo Nishikido (38) immediately responded. The number of followers exceeded 2 million in just two days. The big bang of Takizawa’s departure is causing a major tectonic shift in the entertainment industry.

This year, Jinguji played the lead role in a drama series for the first time. He said that he had decided to leave the group if any member quit.
Kishi, whose first movie “G-Men” will be released next summer, will leave the group next fall. I want to do something that involves working abroad.”
Kaito Takahashi, 23, the youngest member of the Kimpuri, will remain with the group. The drama in which he stars, “Boyfriend Descending! (TV Asahi) is currently airing.
Ren Nagase (23), who was reported to be in disagreement with Hirano, will also remain in the group. He boasts of his good looks and was chosen as a “National Treasure” in a women’s magazine project.
Takizawa’s account, which has been the topic of much discussion, uploaded a message on November 8: “For us human beings to not only dream but also grasp the dream.

The “full version,” including unpublished cuts, can be viewed here.

From the November 25, 2022 issue of “FRIDAY

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